• Veggie platter for the first month of year

    This veggie platter is cooked with very common ingredients such as bell peppers, carrots, vermicelli, tofu, pineapple, lotus seeds, shiitake mushrooms (black chinese mushroom), oyster mushrooms, celery, etc.…

  • canh đỗ xanh sườn non

    Pork rib soup with mung bean

    I learned this from my husband’s family on Tet vacation. My mother prepared some ingredients to wrap Banh Chung, separated the mung bean husks, steamed it softly and then mashed, seasoned with seasoning powder,…

  • Baked rice with chicken and apple

    Chicken is marinated with salt, pepper, soya sauce and fried. Rice is fried with apples and vegetables, seasoning to taste. Here, I use some white wine to fry rice, creating a particular flavor. Then,…

  • Asian Cuisines

    Indian chicken curry and bread

    How delicious is your dish, chicken curry with tomato sauce. The chapatti bread is also yummy. It is thin, crunchy, very little oil. It is not too much to say that it is much…

  • Couscous salad


    Couscous look a little like rice, but it is actually a kind of pasta, originated from North Africa. It is usually sold at dried or packaged form which has been already pre-steamed, so you…