A little magic. Refresh the kitchen, refresh yourself


Recently, I watched Good Witch – a film about the kind-hearted witch – Cassie Nightingale. When watching the movie, I suddenly realized that Cassie has a very sharp sixth sense. She can predict the mood of others when they are happy, sad, or can even pinpoint exactly what other people need. The way she made a hot cup of tea, cooked a delicious meal, or graciously invited someone to sit down to listen to their stories was cute. It turns out that if we know how to make tea, cook, and know how to observe, we also have a bit of “magic” in our hands?!

A little magic. Refresh the kitchen, refresh yourself

You know, the beginning of my love for cooking didn’t come from my hobby of cooking. Actually, I prefer to eat. As for learning about ingredients, learning how to cook, for me, it’s like an adventure to help me understand food deeply, to know how to take the bright sides in the vast culinary world, to practice my taste, and to become more sophisticated, experienced and interesting. As I stand in the kitchen, I feel strongly connected with my inner joy. Cooking, to understand deeply the way of eating, and vice versa. He, the opposite of me, absolutely has no passion for discovering new and strange dishes, but only seems to want to taste the taste from familiar dishes. But he liked to arrange the food so beautifully, taking them from the dining table into his sparkling photos.

Maybe because of that, we became a couple? Between the two people, the backgrounds, the personalities, the jobs may be different, but just having the same interest, the two can surely share each other valuable moments. Thanks to my “food addict”, he also tried to taste new dishes. We all love to decorate the kitchen, to buy new utensils and kitchen appliances, to collect the dishes – pots – pots – pans, etc. The last few days of this year, just remembering the times when the two of us gathered to discuss the ideas of kitchen decor, the idea of organizing year-end parties, etc. is enough for our souls to be filled with indescribable joy! During the festive season, with Saigon’s chilly atmosphere, our existing happiness can be multiplied a billion times. Are you like me – always saving the brightest colors and the happiest energy for the kitchen at the end of the year?

My dear, I want to remind you that, no matter who you are, married or still single, mastered in the kitchen or never cooked, be confident, send your joy into your kitchen. Because there is actually more “magic” powder in your kitchen than anywhere else in your beloved home. There, you fill an empty stomach with plates of food and stories. There, you share memorable moments with your loved ones. There, you grow up, know how to love and how to miss.I remember the “witchery” hand of my grandmother transformed the familiar food into something new in a blink of an eye. For example, the stewed chicken, instead of stewing chicken with Chinese herbs, my grandmother used sugarcane juice, mushrooms, and vegetables. For the deep-fried pork ribs, instead of using crispy flour, my grandmother told me to grind the bread into fine bread crumbs and then roll the meat through the bread crumbs to create a new look and taste for the dish. . Many times, I followed my grandmother to create, adding a little difference on familiar dishes: spring rolls with sautéed salmon and black sesame, braised pork with gingko, fried chicken wings with apricot sauce, mangosteen salad with jellyfish, beef dipped in kimchi, green tea snow-skin cake with green bean and chocolate filling, fried noodles with Momordica cochinchinensis, roasted rice soup with vegetables … Mentioning them makes me crave to die!

The formulas are “mantras” and your creativity is the “magic” that can “transform” to make the life more sparkling. Oh well! Come on, let’s go to the kitchen, skip the rules, experience different ways of cooking to fully enjoy the fun and creativity when coming into the kitchen as the spirit that Maggi brings in this meaningful TVC: https://youtu.be/ne7ZoujwplU. Refreshing the dishes is also a way to refresh yourself, my dear! Wishing you a good year-end and happy new year!

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