A man’s soul, love, respect, and freedom


nha co hai nguoi - piano

Nurturing the soul of a man is much more expensive than raising a child because the width of his soul is proportional to the number, the size, and the properties of the toys and the amount of money spent to take such toys home.

The people with more passions spend more on their various “toys”. In this photo are just a few of my husband’s toys. In addition to singing and playing instruments, he also enjoys photography, filming, carpentry, and electrical repairs. He all delves into deep and makes fun with everything he likes. So instead of basic items, he always needs good items which must be constantly upgraded – such games that were once “started” will never have a stop. If he exhibits all his “toys”, the house we live in will be overloaded!


A sister asked me, “Will you let your husband buy new toys all the time? It’s a waste!”, I laughed out loud.

The thing a man dislikes the most is the female intervention in the things he cares about. I see many wives who are trying to prevent her husband from doing this and that, and after a long time, the husband who once had so many ambitions then later just fooled around with the happiness of his woman, then one day, the wife complained to her husband why he wasn’t like A’s, B’s, or C’s husband? I think a man who does not have his own ideals and is not allowed to pursue them is inferior to himself, let alone compared with anyone. I also see many men “who stay faithful”, not because their wives prevent them from their passions that they stop “playing”. They set up a “black budget”, or think of all sorts of tricks to buy toys that the wives do not know, do things the wives forbid in the absence of the wives, and then one time, more seriously, they go out with another woman who is not their wives, because a long-term secrecy becomes a hobby, and they take the wives’ forbidden as a reason: for being with you, I cannot be myself!

Oh! That’s a great reason! Do you want to be such a good reason? I do not. If we break up with each other, the reason is probably that we don’t love each other anymore, not because we have been together for so long that we lose ourselves and cause the other to change himself/ herself.

Usually, when my husband wants to buy something, he will go online to search, showing the photos to me, telling me about the features (though I barely know about those, I still try to listen, that’s my respect to him). I will give him my opinion about when to buy the item and how much he should spend. And the one who makes the final decision is still him. I encourage him to work hard to pay for what he needs, not to try to cut his other expenses. For me, having good limbs and body, enthusiasm and passion, there is nothing to be afraid of. We can take back the money we lose, but if a person doesn’t have any passion, it is a pity!

It’s like the lyrics of “It’s my life” by Jon Bon Jovi.

“It’s my life
It’s now or never
I ain’t gonna live forever
I just want to live while I’m alive
It’s my life”

In return, what do I have? His respect. He always asks for my opinion on everything. I also have the right to buy anything, do whatever I like, go wherever I want to go with or without him without having to think of lies so that my husband doesn’t know. In addition to respect, we give each other sincerity. Love. And freedom.

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