A woman like me


nha co hai nguoi 8

It’s time I tried to care less
Less sacrifice, and more take care for myself
Then some days, you suddenly say
Saying you are no longer in love
Then I can calmly look at you, no big surprise
Asking if you are sure?
The crush in your life is like a sudden rain
Is it enough to ease your pains and the failing marriage?
I’m sorry, I’m a woman in hunger
For your love, and for you-of-the-very-first-days,
How to keep the words on our lips as sweet as cherries?
I have to keep my words to sing to put our child to sleep
If you think those years of marriage are enough
Then goodbye! Even if I am hurt and still astonished
Please go, and live your free days,
On your hands is the little side chick,
Don’t think about me of my carefree days with no strings attached
Don’t have to think what dish our child and you like today
Don’t startle in the middles of the nights
You came home late without a message
A woman like me is used to being hurt
Will cure and take care of myself.
If you want to be back
So here I am, my heart and my arms are open
A woman like me has nothing but a warm heart
To be a peaceful river for you to bathe another time!
All the faults we will together fix
But I will only fix it with you this time
Or else, I would not excuse myself
To lose my youth for unworthy person!

-Le Ngoc-

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