Adorable Home


Recently, most people have been playing Adorable Home – “a life simulation game on Android and iOS platforms that allows players to transform into a young couple who moved into a new apartment together with a cat named Snow. With two main experiences of raising cat and building a home together, Adorable Home has touched the hearts of over 5 million players” (according to Vietceteria). I thought, oh god, I wonder if the authors who wrote this game had put a camera in my house because it was just like our home ?

Our usual schedule these days is:

  • 8:30 – 9am: Wake up, lay in bed lazily, roll over in bed…
  • 10am: Get up, brush our teeth, and wash our faces, blah blah… He would drink a cup of coffee (maybe a cup of homemade coffee or a cup of coffee sold in the alley cafe), take our two dogs San & Se out to pee. I would have a light breakfast with bread, yogurt, some fruit, or I’d make soy milk on days that I am diligent enough

My breakfast with homemade soy milk with the naive wolf

  • 11:30am: He waters the plants. I cook lunch. I give San, Se & Si nuts to eat.
  • 12pm: Have lunch. Have a break, leisurely gossip about everything and our plans.

  • 1:30pm: He goes to buy bread at the bakery near the house for our two dogs (some days he takes them both along). I change my clothes, put on lipstick, and go to…“the fashion shows” (he often says so). Just kidding! Actually, I visit our small shop, and not forgetting to make a delicious water bottle to bring along. He stays at home and begins to use timber to make shelves/ cabinets/ partitions/ beds/ etc. In general, whether rich or poor, busy or idle, we are still passionate about …arranging our house and changing home decor continuously.

In my house, there are mirrors everywhere. Before going to “the fashion shows”, I don’t forget to look at a mirror to take a selfie.

  • 6-7pm: I go home, cook dinner for us and cook the food for the two dogs. For a few days of the week, I go to the dance class, and he takes a class about photography light (One thing I always love and admire in him is he always learning and always trying to improve himself).

  • 8:30pm: Take a shower, and prepare the dinner to eat together. Feed the cat and dogs. Continue talking about everything, about what happened during the day, summarizing what we have done today, and what to do tomorrow.
  • 9:30pm: After putting the dishes in the dishwasher, I will open the fridge to see if there’s anything for dessert (recently because we are restricting to going out, our fridge is always full of food and I am eating all the times – choux, flan, cakes, …everything). Some day he will make a teapot, I brew a cup of flower tea, and we drink tea and eat candies and cookies together. We would watch the day’s news, read books, listen to music, play with cats, write miscellaneous things, and surf on Facebook. We are being in our own world. Sometimes seeing something good, we will read aloud to the other to listen.
  • 11pm: He would take San & Se to the park. I go to the terrace to water the plants.
  • 12am: We would lay in bed. Watch an episode of a movie, or sleep if we are tired. When he could not sleep, he pulls the two dogs to a corner to check for lice. If unfortunately, there are lice, he would be counting lice instead of counting sheep, and of course, he will not stop whispering “Oh dear, tomorrow I will have to apply lice remedy for them”, how lovely, making his wife even sleepy also have to open my mouth and say a few words.

I called this recent schedule-because we work freelance, so the schedule changes depending on each project phase, but thanks to the “Covid disease”, we could be able to work around the house more.

Whenever we do a food photoshoot for a magazine/ brand, I do not go to our store but go to the market early, prepare the ingredients and the dishes, and look for props. He makes the background by painting on some logs. At about 4 pm, when the sun is beautiful on our terrace, the two of us would bring food and equipment to the terrace to set up, shoot, and clean.

A few other days, we would brew fruits, brew tea, make kombucha, and make vinegar …

Every week, he bathes them “once”.

Each month, he will spend a whole day to fertilize the trees and rearrange the garden on the terrace.

We are lucky to have a home-helper to do the cleaning and washing 3 times/ week. For the other time, if we need to do some chores, we would share the works together.

My man once made my heart melted with his rhetorical question: “It’s strange! Why we have been in love for such a long time and haven’t been bored, but I always feel like we’ve just fallen in love?”.

Whenever we are too busy for cooking, we make noodles and feel the meals are as delicious as usual ?

Sometimes, I think because love is like a game, when mastering a level, people want to jump into the next level? The next level after love is marriage because marriage brings something new to love. The next level after a few years of taking care of a small apartment is to move into a more spacious house? The next level after successfully planting a few plant pots is to take care of a garden? The next level after the sweet, private time of a young married couple is to take care of some cats and dogs together; or to give birth to and raise their children, or both at the same time? When a child is born, the next levels will never stop because the baby keeps growing every day and brings new emotions? Some girls like to have lovers and want to get married because they feel bored with working and gathering, they want to try… playing games. If two people are in love and their love does not grow enough for them to get bored but things go out of the plan, it is like a challenge, they will either try or … “delete the app” (break up). When the marriage life is not enough to make them happy, they would want to play new games, and would not bother trying anymore, game over!

“Adorable Home allows the players to experience an uncomplicated life, you’ll be happy no matter what. The simplicity makes the players feel warm and safe: the children in your game will never have a serious illness, the cat will never be poisoned. And in the worst-case scenario, you just need to delete the account.” About us, to build an “adorable home” in real version – not only lovely but also filled with happiness – which sounds simple and easy, but it requires extraordinary love, effort, understanding, sympathy, and harmonization from both sides.

The other days we went to our hometown to celebrate Tet, we asked our two friends (who are lovers of each other) to stay in our house, to experience the game in real life, to see if they could move in together. After more than 2 weeks, both of them were tired as there was too much to do just to keep the house tidy, to keep the dogs and cats happy and healthy, and most importantly, to maintain the warm atmosphere of a family. Therefore, they later went back to their own homes. It is fun to date, but it sounds far away to get married and to build a home together.

Indeed, not everyone is suitable for marriage. Looking at the “adorable home” of others, everyone will fall in love and imagine being the protagonist. However, to have a real “adorable home”, the first question for themselves should be: Am I really ready?

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