She – a strong woman, sacrificing for her family, carrying out most of the men’s works, earning money, and loving herself in a very frivolous way as a woman. The 10-year marriage has been through many precarious periods, but she could not imagine that one day he would fall in love with another woman. They separated.

She – a woman with a woman’s heart. Love blindly, choosing the wrong person, knowing that the man doesn’t deserve her but still persistent in wanting to change him until she discovered that the father of her two children was often going out with prostitutes did she admit she was wrong. The harshness of her after knowing the story is also very feminine. Decided to divorce, determined to forbid the children to meet their father.

She – a beautiful, modern woman with an open mind but was raised in a respectable family. She loved a man but did not dare to go forward. She married another man. Each time a conflict occurred between them, she often thought of the person she loves. Adultery in thought has long led to true adultery, more thrilling than in movies. She was honest with her husband and the couple parted with a passionate kiss: “We love each other, just don’t love each other enough.”

She – a stubborn woman, determined to follow the man she loves even though he is married. The day his wife went to the hospital to give birth to a baby, she slept over at his house. Half a year later, she and he started to live a happy life together. Now they have 3 lovely girls. His close friends congratulated him on marrying her and said they are the perfect couple. She still believed she was right, even with society, she was clearly wrong.

Those are just a few stories that happen around me. It’s not true that if the woman is good, beautiful, and loving herself, her husband will not have an affair. It’s not true that if the woman tolerates, her husband will not have an affair. It’s not true that if the woman loves her husband, her husband will not have an affair. It’s not true that if the woman is loved, she will stay faithful to her husband. Not all adultery leads to bad outcomes. If we could not be faithful to our partner, it’s better to fall apart! It is better to meet and love someone new! Wrong – right, right – wrong – how fragile the boundary is!

People, in the journey to find their happiness, are easy to make mistakes. When they meet the wrong person, they might mistakenly conclude that it is their happiness. Being happy but feeling incomplete, they will find a way to fill it up. Being too happy to feel like they are perfect and then terrifying themselves, trying to find a stain. In the marriage of two people, when one is feeling not right, that person will make the other suffer. After all, it’s hard to blame anyone.

I feel more sympathetic to those who always try to find a way to fill themselves and satisfy themselves because they do not know what is enough. They don’t know the taste of complete happiness. Remember, not everyone in the world seeks perfect happiness, but sometimes people feel complete when and only when their lives have lots of defects. Who are we to dare to sympathize with (or pity) others? And about the people who are hurt? I hope that no matter where they are: the beginning (choosing to commit with a person), the middle (loving deeply), or the end (forgiving or leaving), if they make a mistake, they can still be proud and resiliently move on because they absolutely deserve happiness rather than tormenting themselves in an unhappy relationship.


“It’s time I tried to care less

Less sacrifice, and more take care for myself

Then some days, you suddenly say

Saying you are no longer in love

Then I can calmly look at you, no big surprise

Asking if you are sure?

The crush in your life is like a sudden rain

Is it enough to ease your pains and the failing marriage?

I’m sorry, I’m a woman in hunger

For your love, and for you-of-the-very-first-days,

How to keep the words on our lips as sweet as cherries?

I have to keep my words to sing to put our child to sleep

If you think those years of marriage are enough

Then goodbye! Even if I am hurt and still astonished

Please go, and live your free days,

On your hands is the little side chick,

Don’t think about me of my carefree days with no strings attached

Don’t have to think what dish our child and you like today

Don’t startle in the middles of the nights

You came home late without a message

A woman like me is used to being hurt

Will cure and take care of myself.

If you want to be back

So here I am, my heart and my arms are open

A woman like me has nothing but a warm heart

To be a peaceful river for you to bathe another time!

All the faults we will together fix

But I will only fix it with you this time

Or else, I would not excuse myself

To lose my youth for unworthy person!”

(A poem dedicated to my friend in my little poem book – “Even though there are thunderstorms/ Let’s dream and love, please babe!”)

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