Beach party



To celebrate our three-year wedding anniversary, we decided to hold a small beach party for only two of us. But instead of choosing a resort on the beach, we booked a room at a homestay located right on Ham Thuan Nam beach – about 4 kilometers from Ke Ga Cape and prepared everything for this party on our own.

The homestay had less than 10 rooms. We were there not for the weekends, so there were not many guests. There were Ms. Minh – the host and her father, a couple of foreigner who were traveling, and the herds of dog: Mina, Gray, Black, Yellow, and Wrinkled … The beach was 200 meters from our guest room according to the bird’s flight route, but the rugged path to the sea made up of tall sand dunes so I felt it was 100 meters farther. In early mornings, or in late afternoon with no wind, you would come across fishing groups. Otherwise, on the beach there was almost no one. The waves were rushing back and forth and shoving our peace to the limit.


The first day in Lagi of us: having lunch, visiting the market, eating street foods, watching the big and red sun at the dragon fruit garden, swimming, dinner, hugging and sleeping together 😀. Lying in bed, I still remembered the deserted beach in the afternoon where only two of us went swimming. The far away sun set. The bright sand field was like a big sparkling mirror. As romantic as in a movie!


He cut casuarina branches to build a sunshade hut and picked dry branches to set up the kitchen. We went to Tan Hai market in advance to buy raw materials and prepared them at Minh’s small kitchen before bringing them to the sea for cooking. Some dry ingredients such as aromatic leaves, olive oil, and chili powder were brought from home. The local market didn’t have all the things I need, for example, I wanted to buy all three yellow, green and red bell peppers, but all the vegetable stalls only had green bell peppers; I was going to make spicy stewed scallops, but there wasn’t any scallop … Finally, after walking around the market, I decided to make 3 dishes: mango yogurt salad, lemon grilled fish and stewed seafoods with tomatoes. It did not go according to plan, but for us, it was an extremely enjoyable experience.

Our beach party had no candles, no flowers, no CD players, only big fire, seafoods, beer, his guitar and the steady beat of the waves. “Playing that game” was a bit tiring. Due to the strong wind, some dishes caught sand and we could feel sand while chewing. But it was so happy! When I returned home, I still remembered his verse “I love you. I love you thousands times in front of the sea.”


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