CHEZ NANA – The delicate beauty of buttercream cake


Banh kem bo 4

Many years ago, my family used to eat G. or B. cream cakes (two famous bakery shops in Saigon from the years 50 – 60), but in recent years, there have been many new and modern bakeries with young, modern and out-standing quality cakes, so the long standing bakeries’ cakes suddenly became boring. However, among all kinds of European cakes, Japanese cakes, Korean cakes, there are not so many bakeries offering high-class buttercakes. Bakeries offering delicious buttercream cakes are rare. And bakeries offering delicious and beautiful buttercream cakes are even rarer.

In the course of learning about food, I have seen many beautiful ombre colored cakes with beautiful cream decorated-flowers made from high-grade buttercream but I don’t know which bakery in Saigon can make cakes that bring high aesthetic quality and delicious taste, until the owner of  Chez Nana  texted me that she would give a cake to “House of two”. The day we launched the book, the owner of Chez Nana brought a splendid blue two-tiered cake to congratulate us.

Banh kem bo 1

In addition to that cake which everyone wants to bring home, she also gave us many other cakes: salted egg sponge cakes, macarons, Taiwan moon cakes, green tea cakes, pate chaux … It seems like I have never attended an event where guests eat all cakes without leaving one piece. At the beginning, I was too busy that I could just look at the cakes and thinking I would eat them when things were done, but when everyone left, I couldn’t find even a piece of cake. As for the buttercream cake, I just tried a little bit and love it rightaway!

Banh kem bo 2

I just ordered an orange-pink oval loaf of cake for my mother’s birthday, then everyone complimented that it was delicious, and my mother was so happy ^ _ ^ The price of Chez Nana’s cream cakes is quite high compared to the mass-produced cakes of big brands, but worth the money because the cakes are made from high-class ingredients (why do I know? I simply eat a lot then I know it; good foods and drinks require a very strict source of ingredients), having a moderate sweetness, moderate fatness, not making eaters satiated, having delicate textures which are meticulously cared for, and even the cake boxes are also very charming.

Banh kem bo 3

Chez Nana also has a class to teach how to make a cake and make butter cream flowers. If you want to make those pretty cakes yourself, then sign up for a course then you can show your ingenuity at home! For anyone who is not skillful (like me), please order those cakes on every occasion of the year.

The images are borrowed from Chez Nana, so fascinating!

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