KITCHEN TIPS LOVE MORE – Good experience on a lazy day


I don’t know why I’m so lazy today, so lazy that I don’t want to go out at all (Honestly, I don’t want to cook anything either, but because it is the deadline to submit my article to the publisher, I had to manage to do so. I tested this recipe a few days ago. Today I just had to shop for the ingredients, to cook, to arrange the table and to pull my husband’s shirt, telling him to take pictures; but I felt so difficult).

It is true that there are days like that! I feel as if I was falling into a deep pit.

Then I suddenly remembered, not too long ago, one friend of mine introduced – the application of “shopping for everyone” to me.

In the past, I used to like to hang out in markets and grocery stores every day to choose ingredients myself. On busy days or when we were not in the mood for cooking, we would eat out, for nobody forced us to go shopping in the markets at all. Therefore, though I have known CHOPP for a while, and have also download the application, I have never tried using it. Except for TODAY – a day I AM LAZY but STILL HAVE TO WORK.

I opened the app of “shopping for everyone.” I could find most of the items I needed in Chopp’s product catalog so I was so excited (hehe). All the energy that had vanished earlier seemed to be returning to me. I search for what I need, select the appropriate category and then “add in the cart”, then log in, and provide the shipping address. When I have received all the goods, I will make a cash payment to the delivery-guy. So simple!

Um … I bought black pepper cheese, mango, spinach, fresh milk, yogurt, kiwi, grapes, shredded coconut, and zucchini, etc. The brands that collaborate with Chopp are reputable so I am very assured of the quality.

When picking goods for me, seeing the milk brand I wanted to buy was out of stock, the CHOPP staff politely texted to ask me if she could choose another milk, and there were A, B, C … I texted okay, and I chose A. So she helped me buy A. When she finished buying goods, a message automatically alerted me that she had bought all the things I needed and was on the way to deliver. Attached to it was the link to let me know where she was, was she going to reach my place, within a click.

In short, this is a great experience I want to share with you. I think I will “rely” on Chopp often, not because I will be lazy often, but because I like Chopp so much! Hihi.

Who does not have a busy or lazy time? In the current technological age, there is always a solution to the “strange” needs of people (or more specifically, the needs of the moody girls). We are living in the age of technology. Therefore, it is a waste not to enjoy all the wonderful things from technology. You can also try downloading the #chopp app and try it out!


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