Those empty days

I asked myself chains of questions

Looking for the answer

Over the night until the dawn

The tree can be shaking

How can’t my heart?

The falling leave knows how to find its roots

Where am I going in this life?

If every day is a walk

Are we enjoying or trying to have fun like THEM?

If we express all the feelings

Will I be shining under the sun like a flower bush?

You – a stranger in the rush of life

Would you want to stop and look at this quiet picture for a while?

Have you tried counting the months of solitary

Seeing how far have we gone

How many stops have we stopped

To get here?

Fate is something

We hold in our hands

Even when it is cloudy?

What future for those old lives?

But wait, how many glasses of whiskey are enough?

I lifted myself out of the drunkenness

Bleu de Chanel on my pillow and the vague thought suddenly turned into an illusion

The brunch someone served on the sharp table

With a pile of documents

Those numbers confused me

But the dream about you in the long days is possible!

Then I will tell

For anyone to hear

The chaos thickened

When outside the window

Rainy and sunny, sunny and rainy?

Maybe, YOU can-be-anyone

Because at the end

I just need someone to love!”


/ write for you/

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