Cooking class for tourists at Asia Scenic School, Chiangmai



In Chiangmai, I enrolled in a cooking class in Asia Scenic Cooking School. You can refer to! They offer full-day and half-day classes.

We joined a full-day class. In the morning, there was a pick-up car to pick us up. In the car, we met friends coming from other places, and we talked and made friends with each other. We got acquainted very quickly, so the conversation got juicier. Because there were only us who are Asians, they asked us a lot, such as “Do we find in Thailand anything different from Vietnam? Where did we go? Does Vietnamese food have a unique taste like Thai food? Blah blah” …

When we got to the place, the staff gave each of us a menu to choose our favorite dish. Each person could choose 7 dishes. Our whole group split up to choose dishes to learn from each other ^ _ ^ After that, the Thai teacher took us to the market to buy ingredients. She spoke English in Thai tone, which sounded strange but was easy to understand.

After buying enough ingredients, she took the group to visit the school’s farm. According to my assessment, the farm still needed to be invested in to look nicer, but that’s okay, mostly we visited the farm to watch the trees and vegetables in Thailand and see if they were different from those of our country 😀

After walking around the farm for a while, she took us to a place where cooking utensils were available (cutting boards, knives, baskets of raw materials were distributed to each person, gas stoves, pans, pots, etc.). We were instructed to make the dish as we chose. My favorite dish was the “khao soi” – a typical noodle dish in Northern Thailand and mango sticky rice – a popular dessert that is sold everywhere but not everyone can make it good.


The facilities of the Asia Scenic were quite good. Everyone was cooking their food at that time. Because at the same time, she instructed several people to cook different dishes, everyone focused on listening 😀. After cooking, everyone set the food on a long table, eating and laughing, and sometimes invited the other person to taste their dishes.

We had been working in the tourism industry but had never experienced the cooking school model for tourists in Vietnam on our own, so when coming to Thailand – being real tourists, we wanted to try it. After the trip, we understood why this model was so popular. The food was not so delicious, but with the enthusiastic guidance and the careful preparation of the staff there, it is sure everyone can have some tips for cooking local food. Moreover, the atmosphere of the class together with new friends helped create a great experience.


This is the legendary mango sticky rice. It must be said that of all the sweet dishes in Thailand, I am addicted only to this dish, I want to try it everywhere I go … to see where there is the most delicious. And the answer so far is Asian Scenic School (you see the previous two photos to know where this is). The sticky rice is soft, sticky, good tasted, the purple color of the rice was taken from pea flowers, and it was molded into a heart shape ^_^

Everyone all knows how to cook sticky rice dish from sticky rice: Soak 1 cup of sticky rice for 4-6 hours and steam for about 20 minutes. After the sticky rice is cooked, put it into the pot along with 1 cup of thick coconut milk, 2 tablespoons of jaggery (remember I told you most Thailand families use jaggery instead of white sugar ^ _ ^ ?), 1 pinch of salt, a little water taken from pea flowers, simmer, and stir. When the sticky rice is evenly colored, turn off the heat and allow it to cool. When eating, arrange into a plate with shredded mango pieces.

Mentioning it, I am craving for it again…


This is the “khao soi” dish I told. This is a specialty noodle dish in Northern Thailand. The first time I found out about this dish was from Mr. Aree’s introduction. The second time I saw that attractive bowl of noodles was when I went to cooking class at Asia Scenic. It is heard that this dish was originated from Burma, Myanmar and introduced to Thailand and Laos.

The seasoning for the broth was a mixture of red curry mixed with curry powder, coconut milk, jaggery, and fish sauce. When eating, sprinkle the broth over well-cooked thin egg noodles and put some fried egg noodles, a pinch of pickles, a few pieces of chopped shallots, a small piece of lemon, and sprinkle a little more chili powder on top.

If you come to Chiangmai, and you do not join cooking classes, you must find a restaurant to try this dish!

“I’m so shy, everywhere I go, I eat, eat and eat like this!” – I whispered in his ear. He said out loud, “Just eat! Who banned you?”. The way he handled the problem was always as simple as that. He never stopped me from doing what I liked, especially … eating, eating, and eating

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