Currency in Thailand



Therefore, there are 2 ways:
– In Vietnam, you can exchange VND to USD. Coming to Thailand, you can exchange USD to THB (Because when in Thailand, even if you try searching everywhere, you won’t find anywhere to exchange VND to THB. Don’t wait until arriving at the airport to exchange money. Why? Let’s listen to the story of exchanging money at the airport I am going to tell you below).

– Bring along your visa card from Vietnam to Thailand to withdraw; then you can withdraw THB straight from your account, no need to exchange money into USD. The fee of each withdrawal is about 5USD, so in order not to waste the withdrawal fee, you should not withdraw for many times.

It’s best that you exchange some USDs in Vietnam to bring along, when you arrive at the airport in Thailand, you can come to exchange counters to exchange USD to THB to buy SIM card, to pay for the taxi, or to buy BTS card, or to pay for food at the airport. You can also withdraw more money at ATM if necessary.

1. Requested to present money when doing customs clearance

Occasionally, when checking in at the customs counter, the customs officers may ask tourists to show the amount of money they are carrying with them; If the amount is too small, the tourist’s entry will be denied. The minimum amount you bring should be around 500USD per person to ensure you can afford the trip.

They just randomly check your money, so you don’t need to be so stressed out. You can bring some USDs with you as mentioned above, then go to the ATM to print out your account balance, to show customs officers if you are unfortunate to be asked. Wherever we go, we are afraid to bring along a lot of cash.

2. Money exchange at the airport

When we were at Noi Bai airport, checking-in at Vietjet Air counter, we saw a woman (who seemed to be the group leader) stood behind another woman (a ticketing staff) requested the passengers to present their cash to complete the procedure; while she did not have this right.

Many passengers did not bring enough money, she said: “please withdraw money and then come back to me for procedures”. After the passengers withdrew a bunch of VND from the ATM and brought it to the foreign currency exchange counter to exchange the VND into USD, the staff at the foreign exchange counter answered: “I only collect foreign currency and exchange foreign currency, I’m not allowed to sell foreign currency”.

The poor customers returned to the check-in counter to notify the situation to the group leader, and at the same time, presenting the amount of VND they had just withdrawn, she turned to tell the ticketing staff to carry out procedures for the passengers. The passengers seemed bewildered, asking “Now I cannot exchange money into USD, and Thai people do not accept VND. What can I do?”. The group leader smiled. “Yes, there must be a place for you to exchange. Have a nice trip!”.

When I returned to Vietnam, I called Vietjet Air to inform about the incident, hoping that Vietjet Air’s customers would not be treated so unreasonably like that.

In short, you should be mentally prepared for all possible situations.

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