Dubai – The land of myth (part 1)

This photo was taken from the other side. The towering building is the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world.
My friends kept asking me: My friends kept asking me: “How is Dubai? How is it? Is it beautiful? Or not? Do you like it?”
And here my answer is: “Very nice, very beautiful, I like it very much, but it is … so unreal.”
This photo was taken from the car window. You see, the dominant color of Dubai is the yellow of the sun and the sand.
Our taxi passed by a beautiful mosque!

Heading to our hotel from the airport, I looked at my husband and said in despair, “Why is every scene so boring with sand everywhere?!”. When the taxi gradually entered the city center, the construction works and the magnificent skyscrapers in turn appeared. However, there were not many trees in the city, so it looked dry and dull. I was not used to it. It was not until the next day after going around famous landmarks, visiting the city that I gradually got a feel for the beauty of that place.

At first we were really unfamiliar with Dubai with not many green areas,, but after catching up, we could feel the beauty there.
The sunset in the city.

Dubai was built up in the middle of a vast sandy desert. Only 20% of the population are originally from Dubai and the remaining 80% are immigrants. Men when getting married will receive a large sum of money from the government and a car (whichever car of their choices), and a villa; Most women don’t even need to work, just stay at home and go shopping; it does not cost any money for children to go to school; if the children are intelligent, they will be sent to study abroad; Arab men are generally quite romantic and love their wives and children.

With the ambition to make the impossible possible, Dubai has a ski rink, artificial rainforest, unmanned automated subway system, cool skyscrapers, the longest zipline in the world, … and a long list of “the world’s best” records. Every building in Dubai is sharpened to every corner. The main architectures in Dubai are either works inspired by Arab architecture and of mosques, where the main building is usually square or rectangular, surrounded by corridors, arches; or extremely modern buildings with cold tones of metal along with extremely useful and magic technology applications.

On the way you will come across countless works in progress.

We wanted to understand the city and to feel the two opposing sides of the city, so we spent a day visiting the featured places, and realized they were strangely getting along together. A small tip to tour around the city in the most economical way is that you should book a one-day tour or half-day tour, or if you prefer more active timeline, you can go by city bus. Here is your reference link!

– City tour in 4 hours: see here.

– Bus tickets to visit the city: see here.

– Open bus tickets to visit the city: see here (This car is very beautiful, but you should avoid sitting on the upper floor at noon because it is very hot in Dubai).

– Some other tours and services for self-sufficient tourists: see here.


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