Dubai Theme parks – ageless paradise


At first, after receiving the schedule, seeing that there were 2 days in the Dubai Theme Parks & Resorts, I really wanted to cry for fearing that there would be nothing to do there because I was not young at all and went with my “old” husband (if I were ten years old younger, I would love it because my summers in secondary school and high school were associated with many beautiful memories with my friends in Dam Sen Park). Luckily, there was my sister convincing me “It was so fun to go to Theme Parks!”, so I was reluctant to accept it. After all, it would be an experience anyway?! Ahh!!!! But oh my god, it is unbelievable, the first day I came there, I ran everywhere with extreme excitement that at 8 pm, it was closed, and I did not want to go back. I was wrong, too wrong.


Dubai Theme Parks & Resorts is a tourism cluster consisting of Lapita resort and amusement parks with different themes and games, which is an ageless paradise, serving all guests from children to adults. This model is not strange in developed countries. When coming there, the guests will enjoy the entire days completely separated from daily life but just relax and have fun.

From the resort, there are 45-seat buses and buggies (convenient small trams moving within the internal area) to take the guests to amusement parks. Every 1 hour, there is 1 bus, which makes it very flexible and convenient for the guests.

So, this model is suitable for couples who want to go on holiday and want to spend a lot of time together, sleep freely and then hang out, after being tired then go back to sleep, and certainly no one goes to the park alone.

This model is suitable for families because most games in the park are for both children and adults to play together, except for a few games that limit the height of the children.

This model is also suitable for short-term travelers (from 3-5 days), who do not have enough time to move too much.


Motiongate theme park inspired by Hollywood movies was the park I liked the most among the parks here. If I have the opportunity to come back, I will definitely spend more time to hang out!

In this area, there was a section for DreamWorks cartoons with a magical setting that made me feel like I was stepping into my favorite cartoons such as Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar, and Shrek; an area for Columbia Pictures which gives you the opportunity to take part in a high-speed Green Hornet-style chase, to join the Ghostbusters in a mysterious battle to save New York City, or to gain access to the Lycans with warriors vampire Selene in the supernatural universe of Underworld; a Smurf village that you only imagined through comics or movies.

What made me most excited were the high-tech games with 3D screens surrounding the four sides, the roller coasters fluttering, dropping and falling, combined with the great light and sound to make me feel like I was in the movies. Children and adults can play together there. My husband doesn’t like these things, but he was not bored at all!!!! Remember when I went to play roller coaster with the kids in the Madagascar movie area, they were chatting happily, I was the only one to scream all the game area, so embarrassed. It’s hard to describe, in general, if given the opportunity, you should definitely come here to experience the high-tech games I just mentioned!

The name says it all! Almost everything I saw in the park was made of Lego pieces. You can click on the images to see! There were huge figures or statues made of Lego. There was even a whole Miniland recreating the unique buildings in Dubai by Lego. The whole thing was Lego!!!! Very ingenious and delicate. There was not only the static models, but most models and games also have motions, which was extremely vivid!

We had a video call with my little nephew at home, and he liked it very much. If you take your children there, surely the children will not want to come back home. I am an adult but I still loved it to death. This is a place where if possible, you should bring your baby here and whisper, “My baby, have fun and watch as much as you want, dream a lot and make your dream come true!”

Lego Waterpark 

The colorful water park inspired by Lego was located next to Legoland park. The games were also familiar and suitable for families with young children.


I don’t have much knowledge about Bollywood movies. So, I don’t talk much about this place. Whoever likes Bollywood films, please come here.

I just remember liking a show that was held the afternoon I arrived. The guests were invited to a corner of the Bollywood film studio, to listen to how they make films and also to practice … acting. Very funny!


By car: from Downtown Dubai, going to the South on Sheikh Zayed Road, via Dubai Marina and Jebel Ali, until you see Dubai Parks and Resorts on your left.

By public transportation: Go Red Line on MRT to the final destination, Jebel Ali. From there, go by taxi for the remaining short distance to Dubai Parks and Resorts.

By (free) shuttle bus: There are free shuttle buses at big shopping malls such as Wafi Mall, Dubai Mall, City Walk, Mall of Emirates, v.v…You can look for the shuttle bus schedules in this link:


You can buy daily/ weekly/ monthly tickets on the website of, buy directly at Lapital resort, or preorder on Klook on the link.

There are 2 popular types of tickets on Klook: 1 park/ 1 person/ 1 day ticket (~ 1,300,000 VND) and 2 park tickets/ 1 person/ 1 day (~ 1,500,000 VND). For example, if you play and be tired, you can go back at noon to rest, and you can come back to play in the afternoon!

Children under 2 years old are free of charge.

Just with the entrance ticket, you can join all the games in the park.

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