First time skiing in Dubai


Skiing in Dubai? Yep! You did not read it wrong. This is our first skiing class, not in the winter in a place covered with white snow, but in the blistering summer day of Dubai. Once again, I assert that Dubai is a fabulous place.

Two eager faces for the first time skiing.

Ski Dubai is an artificial ski field with 22,500 square meters of an indoor ski area located in the Mall of Emirates – a big commercial center in Dubai. When buying tickets, we were provided with cold-weather clothes, shoes, and socks. However, when I came in, I was still shaky, after playing for a while, I had to go out to get a scarf to wrap my head and ears to keep me warm. If you are afraid of being cold, you should wear an extra layer of warm clothes, because the type of coat they provide is so thin.

After getting fully equipped, we went inside to play some fun games such as sliding the slide, sliding with buoys, with the slide made of a thick layer of snow, getting into the big ball rolling down from the slope, or getting on the cable car and taking a tour around. Oh, when I sat on the cable car, I saw the whole area of Ski Dubai’s vast campus, including a false mountain section up to 85 meters high. Most of the people coming there were white Europeans living and working in Dubai, not tourists. We saw two Koreans in the crowd who went on the same tour with us. They also boarded the cable car to go to the top and then slid down from the top with a snowboard, not just “sightseeing” like us. Then the little 5-7-year-old children rushed downhill, gliding left, right, overcoming the obstacles at breakneck speed. I looked at them with admiration and craving!

Just a few moments later, we decided to raise our hands and to register for a skiing class. Previously I thought I would learn to ski when I went to Europe or returned to Korea in the winter, but it was so interesting to see people playing this for the first time, so we were eager to try it out. When participating in the skiing class, we kept wearing our clothes, but we had to change to wear specialized shoes whose soles were attached to the snowboard and to hold the two thin, long and heavy pieces of planks. Yeah! It felt so good to be about to do something new!

These are the people who went on the same tour as me. In addition to Ms. Rosie, other friends were all bloggers, Youtubers, influencers from Asian countries. Everyone was friendly and cute! Some of them who had already known how to play or did not like this game went somewhere else to chill, just some of us went for the skiing class.

Portrait of the little girl afraid of cold but keen on playing.

Portrait of the little girl afraid of cold but keen on playing.

This Indonesian, living in Bali, has a very hot Instagram page @her_journeys with super nice photos taken by her boyfriend. The two of them often traveled together. How happy!

The shoes had high necks so we didn’t feel comfortable wearing them. Especially for short legs like me. I lumbered from the changing area into the skating rink like a penguin. When we got to the skating rink, our instructor, who was twice as tall as us, helped everyone fix their shoes to the snowboard, then told us “look at me and climb the slope.” I struggled for a while to climb up without sliding down. When everyone was groping up to the middle of the slope, the instructor started showing us how to slide and how to stop. At that time I realized, well, the high neck shoes are to help us stop easily. But understanding is one thing, controlling the slide and quickly remember how to stop when the board is moving under your feet is another thing. A girl in our group slid near the end of the slope and fell back. Another person could slide easily. I suddenly thought “hmm, I don’t know how I will do!”. But oh, fortunately, my first time skiing was quite smooth and I started to understand a little bit about this subject.

It’s so cold that my nose was completely red but I still felt so happy.

Ha ha ha, I then completed the first slide and was welcomed by the instructor at the end of the slope.

Each class lasted for 1 hour. There were many classes for children, adults, one-on-one or in groups; on many levels equivalent to different prices. For example, our class was for beginners (Ski Beginner Adult), the fee was 255 aed (~1,600,000 VND)/ person. If you have never tried this subject and have a chance to come here, you should try it! After trying it, I felt it was no longer as difficult as I thought (at the beginning level). Since then, I can practice more wherever there is snow! As a person who is not passionate about sports, I have included skiing on the list of the rare sports that I really like!!!!!!

You can reserve the tickets here. There are 2 packages for you to choose from!

Pollar Pass: You can play all the skiing games freely in 1 day, watch the show ““The parade of penguins””.

Pollar Express: In addition to playing all the games all day, you get to choose one of the following four options: play with lovely penguins in 40 minutes/ 2 rounds of hanging yourself on a cable car, join a beginner’s skiing class or experience a challenging ski slope (for those who already have experience with this sport).

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