For a sad day that we were arguing


nha co hai nguoi - gian nhau

Saigon has been so raining these days, honey!
But we are fighting more and more each day
Is this because of you or me?
Or we hurt each other by the words we say?
I curled up like a worm
Listen to the sound when you touched the leaves
My undefined feelings…
My heart – a crumpled piece of paper
Time left me broken and incurable
I don’t need your apology
Because the fault is not totally yours
I just need a nice garden with beautiful music
Let me lie to sleep
Quietly all day
To watch the stars all nights, looking for night dews
I will save my own feelings
Under the ground that you water everyday
We’ll look into each other’s eyes
And say nothing
Breathe slowly
Walk calmly
So every time it rains
You don’t have to make up for my tears.

– Lê Ngọc –

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