For those who are worried about building their personal images


The other day, when I posted the post “Should we give up our stable jobs to be a freelancer?”, in which there was a paragraph mentioning building personal images. A follower asked me how I built my personal image. This is a big subject that I will summarize this way so as you are easy to imagine: To build your personal branding, firstly, you need to build your personal image, to deliver the greatest products with your own capacity, to create a good image in your field, from which you can advertise yourself more widely via social relationships and work opportunities.

For those who are worried about building their personal images

In this post, I will just share a little bit on a small but extremely important topic, which is building a personal image for ladies. If you are a man, you can also read this for reference 😉 I’m not a businesswoman, nor a type of person who can follow the steps a, b, c, and d. So, in my opinion, BUILDING A PERSONAL IMAGE IS BEING BEAUTIFUL FROM THE INSIDE. The only thing we need to do is to improve ourselves so that each day we become better, and nicer than ourselves in the past day.

Where should we start? I want to say briefly in just 3 words that make it easy to remember: style, manner, and charisma.

💋 STYLE: One is fashion style, the other is lifestyle.

✌️✌️✌️FASHION STYLE is of course how we choose our outfits. I remember when I was little, I liked to wear beautiful clothes. I rarely wore pajamas on the street, even when my mom asked me to go buy a bottle of soy sauce, I had to get dressed and then went out of the door. The more mature I get, the more I pay attention to my outfits.

But, the fact is that it’s not right for you to see other people’s beauty and apply that to you! Costumes are the things that are more strongly associated with our personalities, interests, and inner feelings than we thought! Suppose there is 1 scoreboard from 1 to 10 and point 1 for the most beautiful fashion items. Your aesthetic gout may be on point 1, but your style can be only on points 3, 5, 6, 7, and it’s normal. Clothes should be the things that make you most comfortable and feel YOU ARE YOURSELF THE MOST when you wear them. So, have you understood why I said we need to be beautiful from the inside?

And there is another fact that many people think “if we don’t have much money, we cannot dress up well”. Oh yeah, the costumes of designers, famous brands are indeed very expensive, and there must be a reason for that, the fabric materials, the designs, the seams, of which we can see the difference just by looking. If you want to look that great, it’s fine, let’s try hard! But it doesn’t mean that when you don’t have much money, you can’t wear nice clothes! I used to be a 2nd hand clothes addict. 2nd hand clothes are both cheap and beautiful if you know how to mix properly. Until now, when I was able to buy costumes with the prices up to several million dongs, I still like to hang around at 2nd hand stores to look for interesting items. Being neat, fragrant, and clean is the most important thing, and the second important thing is having your own style!

TOGETHER WITH BUILDING YOUR EXTERNAL IMAGE, DO NOT FORGET TO FORGET THE CONTENT? Thoughtful perspectives, deep thoughts, subtle gestures, condensed words of “content” also contribute to beautifying your “image”.

✌️✌️ LIFE STYLE is our lifestyle, habits, hobbies and daily activities. Eat healthy foods. Exercise and play some sports. Love nature. Love animals. Keen on traveling. Addict to reading books. Like listening to music. Often draw on idle times, etc. Know how to love yourself, love people, and enrich your soul with conversations and art activities. All are small links that make up your lifestyle. With the things you haven’t known, it’s ok to learn more and spend time to explore more! The more you experience, the more interesting you will be, and you will radiate good energy to find the souls in tune with you. It’s true! ^. ^

💋 MANNER: A person’s posture and gestures are his/ her style!

✌️✌️✌️STANDING POSITION: Straight back, open shoulders, open chest. When I went to practice dancing, my teacher always reminded everyone in the class because most of us have a habit of bending our back a bit.

✌️✌️✌️WALKING STYLE: Walk comfortably, gently, and steadily. Still keep your back straight, your shoulders and chest open. Wearing comfortable and fit shoes is also important. I’m a little weird that I always prefer people who wear shoes over sandals, unless the sandals are really nice, probably because people who like quietness like me are easily obsessed with the sound most people make when wearing sandals/ slippers. So, even if you wear sandals, still walk proudly, do not drag your sandals/ slippers, which is not nice hihi.

cứ mơ và cứ yêu đi

✌️✌️✌️SITTING POSITION: You can cross your legs or put your legs parallel to the same side. Another way is crossing your legs to the same side, and cross one ankle over the other. The general rule is that the legs are stretched, closed together, the toes are extended. Do not swing your legs. I learned that from the movie “The Princess Diaries”! ^.^

✌️✌️✌️HANDS POSITION: When sitting still, you must close your fingers together, and gracefully place your hands on the thighs. And when you speak, but raise your hands, do not spread your fingers! I spent a lot of time practicing to close my fingers because when we talk, we focus a lot on the story, but few people notice how bad the hands are. Once I was invited to an interview on a TV to notice that my hands were spreading which looked so ugly since then I practiced changing that gradually.

✌️✌️✌️CHEW FOOD IN MOUTH You should not let other people see your teeth, so we should only take a moderate amount of food.

✌️✌️✌️ VARIOUS BEHAVIORS IN DIFFERENT CASES: For example, the behaviors when you go to a Japanese restaurant is different from the behaviors when going to a European restaurant. The basic principles of choosing food, using chopsticks, spoons, knives, forks, wine glasses, etc. You have to learn and experience these all 🍽🍷🥢🥄🍹🍸.

✌️✌️✌️ ONLINE BEHAVIORS Be civilize, polite, don’t be coarse, don’t comment meaningless things, regularly give words of encouragement rather than denigration. That also contributes to our style in the 4.0 era 😉

✌️✌️✌️VOICE It doesn’t really relate to gesture, so I want to remind slightly. I am very sensitive to the voice and easy to have a good impression with those whose voices make me comfortable. It’s important to adjust the tone and volume to make the voice softer, sweeter and easier to get into people’s hearts. Sometimes I meet some people who have great style, but when they open their mouths to talk in such a high-pitched or orotund voice, I want to run away right away.

✌️✌️✌️Above all is a kind and polite manner to treat people.

I want to emphasize that style is not something we can have after a short time, but it takes a whole process – lots of time watching, learning, and practicing. Up to now, I still do not dare to declare myself as an elegant lady. I am still trying to learn every day. Mumble the mantra “Be more beautiful than myself, be more beautiful than myself, be more beautiful than myself”, change little by little every day, no need to rush! And do not be too strict with yourself, otherwise, you will become awkward and outrageous. Wherever you are, just relax. BE YOURSELF!

Tam Kỳ - êm đềm như một giấc mơ trưa

💋 CHARISMA: When you combine style and charisma and be beautiful from the inside out, the energy radiated by you is the charisma!

☘️☘️ There are a lot of great books, blogs, videos that share tips on how to dress up, so you should choose the clothes that make you the most comfortable, and then learn more tips like how to mix colors, and match costumes and accessories, half-tuck the shirt, pull the collar a little to the left or right instead of wearing them straight, etc. In the YouTube channel, I like Jenny Mustard, you can refer to her!

☘️☘️ STYLORY or Bloom Books book brand – In terms of inspiration for life, there are also many good books about fashion and lifestyle.

☘️☘️ Those who want to learn makeup to shine confidently or want to receive more positive energy from lovely women, come to SEWOW.

☘️☘️ Don’t forget to wear a little lipstick when you go out, we will be more radiant! I love NauNau’s lipsticks with natural ingredients. Very matte, long-lasting, very nice color.

☘️☘️ Do exercises regularly for better health. You can come to Mistake Dance Studio. I am now doing cardio, sexy dance and contemporary dance here. I’m happy because I have found a subject of exercise that doesn’t make me bored 😀
☘️☘️ Another source of energy that we can absorb is the energy from the people around us. It’ never too much to observe and learn! OBSERVING is also a habit you should practice. Those who know how to observe are usually more subtle than the people who are in a hurry to act.

Even though you are not a public person or you do not need a personal brand to develop your own career, it’s important to build your own image. Because when you build a good personal image in this way – be beautiful from the inside – you will be more confident, not to make an impression on others or to make others trust you, but good chances will find their ways to you. And remember, BEING BEAUTIFUL FROM THE INSIDE, BEING MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU requires A PROCESS. We don’t need to be like or become anyone. It will be good enough as long as we know today we are more beautiful than yesterday, and we can still be more beautiful if we keep trying!

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