Hey dear, how do you start building your personal image?


If you are struggling with where to start building your personal image, please remember these 3 words: style, manner, and charisma.

FASHION STYLE is of course how you choose to dress.

The fact is, you can’t apply the way others dress to yourself. Outfit is something that is more strongly associated with our personalities, interests, and inner parts than we expected! Outfits should be the thing that when you put them on, you feel most comfortable, and you can be YOURSELF the most.

And there is another fact that many people think

 “I don’t have much money, so I cannot dress well”. Well, the costumes made by famous designers and brands are indeed very expensive for some reason – the fabric, the form, each stitching has its own story and values. If you want to dress up that beautifully, strive to… make a lot of money.

However, it does not mean that without a lot of money, you cannot dress up beautifully! I used to be a 2nd hand junkie – 2nd hand clothes are cheap and beautiful if you know how to mix them properly. Until now, when I can buy costumes which cost a few million dongs, I still like to go to 2nd hand stores to find rare and nice items. Being decent, fragrant, and clean is the most fundamental thing, next comes style!

LIFESTYLE is our lifestyles, habits, hobbies, and daily activities. Eating healthy foods. Exercising and doing some sports. Loving nature. Loving animals. Being addicted to traveling. Being a bookie. Loving listening to music. Often drawing pictures in your spare time… Knowing how to love yourself, to love other people, enriching your soul with conversations and artistic activities. All are the small links that make up your lifestyle. You can spend time to learn more, explore more, experience more, it’s okay to do so! The more you experience, the more you know things, the more interesting you will be, from which you will release energy to find souls in tune. Absolutely true! ^.^

MANNER: it is a person’s gait, gestures, and postures.

STANDING POSITION: Straight back, shoulders open, chest open. When I attend dancing classes, the teacher always reminds everyone in the class because most of us have a habit of dropping our backs a bit.

GAIT: Comfortable, gentle, steady footsteps. Still straight back, shoulders open, chest open. Wearing comfortable, well-fitting shoes is also important. High heels are a powerful weapon for women to make the body more flexible with each step. I’m a little weird that I always prefer people wearing shoes over sandals, unless the sandals are really nice, probably because quiet people like me are easily obsessed with the clatter of slippers of most people. So, even if you wear sandals, remember to walk proudly, do not make noise with your sandals/slippers which are really not nice.

SITTING GESTURE: You can either cross your legs or put your legs on the same side. You can also put your legs crossed to the same side, one foot crossing over the other. The general rule is to stretch your legs, close your legs together, also stretch your toes. Do not swing or sway. I learned it from watching the movie The Princess Diaries! ^.^

HAND MOVEMENT: While sitting still, your fingers must be closed, gracefully placing your thighs together. But when you are talking, your fingers should not be open!

CHEWING FOOD IN THE MOUTH: Our teeth should not be exposed, so we should only take a moderate amount of food.

VARIOUS BEHAVIOR IN DIFFERENT CASES: For example, going to a Japanese restaurant, you act differently from being at a European restaurant. All basic principles of choosing dishes, using chopsticks, spoons, knives, forks, wine glasses, etc … These all have to be learned and experienced.

INTERNET BEHAVIOR: Being civilized, polite, do not act informally, talk precisely, regularly give others encouragement rather than remarks. It also makes our attitude in the 4.0 era.

VOICE: Although it is not fully related to the manner, I want to mention our voice lightly with a small dash. I am very sensitive to voice, easily feel like anyone whose voice makes me comfortable. Adjusting your tone and volume so that the voice is soft, sweet, and easy to touch other people’s hearts is so important. Sometimes, I meet people who look great but when they talk in a high-pitched or overly loud voice, I want to run away immediately.

Above all is to behave kindly, politely, and knowing how to take care of everyone.

I want to emphasize the manner is not the thing you can build after a day or two, but it needs the whole process – a lot of time to observe, learn, and practice. Up to this point, I still do not dare to claim myself to be an elegant lady. I am still practicing to improvise every day. Recite the mantra “Be more beautiful than yourself, more beautiful than yourself, more beautiful than yourself”, and change yourself little by little every day, there is no need to hurry! And do not be too hard on yourself, otherwise, it will become awkward and outrageous.

CHARISMA: When you combine style and manner, being beautiful from the inside out, the energy that you radiate becomes your charisma!

There are a lot of great books, blogs, videos sharing tips on how to dress up with a style, so just choose the clothes you are most comfortable on, then learn more small tips such as how to combine colors, matching clothes with accessories, barreling the front of a shirt and loosening the back flap, pulling the collar slightly left or right instead of wearing them upright, and so on… A source of abundant energy we can absorb is from the people around us. Observing and learning are never redundant! OBSERVING is also a habit that needs practicing. The watcher is often more subtle than the man in a hurry to act.

Start to build your personal image this way – BE BEAUTIFUL FROM THE INSIDE – you will be more confident, make a good impression on everyone, accordingly, good opportunities will come to you. And remember, BE BEAUTIFUL FROM THE INSIDE, BEAUTIFUL THAN YOURSELF IS A PROCESS. You don’t have to be like anyone or be someone. As long as you know you are prettier today than yesterday, and you can still be prettier if you keep trying.

“HEY DEAR” is my short series of articles on positive outlooks, which is hoped to inspire women, awaken beautiful values ​​that are sleeping inside you, so that we can be confident and happy with our choices.

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