Hey dear, how to form a reading habit?


Reading is a habit that needs to be practiced for a long time but cannot be formed after a day or two. When I was a child, my parents used to buy storybooks for me to read, so I read a lot and read quite quickly. When I grow older, because of my busy work, I quit reading for 5-7 years. Every time I wanted to regain my reading habit, I was so miserable to overcome the flowing thoughts in my mind to focus on the books. But every day, I practiced little by little. At first, I only spent about 15 minutes every night before going to bed to read a few pages. After about 2 months, the habit of reading returned to me. I was so happy that I burst into tears. Now I can read continuously without having to read it over and over again because I don’t remember what the author wrote.

Regarding the book type, in the past, I only read vignettes, novels (I was born cheesy hihi). Lately, in addition to those favorite types, I read more books I feel I need to read – usually the books about the life of someone who succeeds in their field and is an influential figure in the community; books in depth on a subject/ field of interest – maybe art, maybe business, maybe marketing; self-help books have short tips focusing on deepening life skills to reinforce the knowledge that I have gathered; life-inspired books; books on astrophysics of the universe (even after reading, I often forget most of the things I’ve read, but I still enjoy reading); so on & so forth.

And the common feature of the books I read is their beauty. The book is cared for from the cover to the content: impressive book cover, well-presented, many books with beautiful drawings/illustrations. Reading books according to the specific interests of individuals at certain times will help knowledge load quickly and the ability to memorize longer. Choosing to read books with high aesthetics is also a way to cultivate aesthetic taste.

I think everyone will have a reading style that suits their liking. There are always books of different thickness and different topic on my bed. At one period, (1 week – 1 month) I can read many books. Depending on the inspiration of each day, I will choose to read which book first. There are books that I can finish 200 pages after a while. There are books that I cannot end up reading 50 pages after a long time. Depending on whether the storyline is interesting or not; but sometimes the content is so attractive that I think about it for a long time and want to read each page really slowly. For example, if I read a heart-wrenching clinical tragic novel, I will relax, read alternately with books including short writings. In general, I like to read that way. As for you, you can read the way you feel most comfortable!

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