Hey dear, how to write comfortably?


What are you writing for? Who will need to write? Your work involves numbers and pictures, so do you need to keep the habit of writing? Who will you write for? You haven’t been writing anything for a long time, so where should you start now? What if you write too badly? …

To write comfortably, firstly, REMOVE ALL CONCERNS, and allow words to express your thoughts. It is easiest to start with your own genuine feelings at the moment you put the pen down. For example, right now, I feel very sad, but it is so difficult to write, I will write “I honestly don’t know what to write. Today, I have a sad feeling …”

In the book “The Zen Master and the 5-year-old baby”, Thich Nhat Hanh says that there are three ways that we can overcome sufferings: first is to identify the pain; second is dealing with and talking with the pain; third is looking towards the good. Writing it down, or in other words, calling out the sad mood means that you have identified the pain already. Well then, let’s try a little more, ask questions to dig deeper into the matter, and answer each in turn: What makes me sad? Am I really sad because of the nature of the thing/ event/ person that causes my sadness, or am I sad with myself? Will this sadness continue? Is there any solution I can solve the problem I’m having? Contrary to what’s happening, what will make me happier? I will choose to be happy, right? Yesterday, what was the happy thing that happened to me? Was I happy like that many years ago? …

After finish writing, you can put that letter in the drawer; Or send it to someone you think when they finish reading the letter, the problem causing your sadness will be solved.

WRITE SPONTANEOUSLY WITHOUT A TOPIC OR CHOOSE A CLEAR TOPIC and CONTINUOUSLY ASK QUESTIONS TO DELVE DEEP into your own feelings and thoughts, letting every line of thought flowing is also a way to calm your insecurities, or to add joy to existing joys.

Writing skills are essential in life. At school, you need to write presentations, dissertations, to state your points of view. After leaving school, you need to write a job application. Going to work, you need to write emails to exchange work with your colleagues, partners, and your bosses. Missing a friend from afar, you go to the post office to send a postcard with a few short lines full of love. Feeling not confident enough to speak directly to someone, you write a letter. Many thoughts are not convenient for you to express to others, you write to yourself. Writing is one of the ways of expressing thoughts, feelings; is the way of communicating with the world, and with yourself.

If you choose to write for a living, of course, you have to practice non-stop to write well so that people pay for your writings?! And if you’re just an outsider, you don’t need to put pressure on yourself for the quality of your writings, right? It is enough to spend only 5 to 10 minutes a day to practice writing (early in the morning when you wake up, at lunch break, or before going to bed). In addition to writing about your emotions, things that happen every day, you can also try to write about how you feel about a song, a movie, a good book, an interesting activity that you just participated in… In short, to write comfortably like breathing, CREATE THE HABIT OF WRITING ABOUT ANY TOPIC AT ANY TIME YOU WANT TO WRITE, dear!

_Two good books to help improve writing skills for writers that you can refer to: “The One Who Writes For A Living” (author Ha Chi), and “The Path To Freelancer Writer” (author Linh Phan).

_ You can join the group of “Practice Writing To Be Free (10 ‘+ everyday)” created by Ms. Phien Nghien. She is the author of the two books “The Young Heart” and “A Peaceful Residence In Life”, who organized many writing practice classes in Toa Tau, one of the people who inspired me to write a lot since the time I used WordPress. A small message to you who are requesting, remember to send an opening writing in the starting question to be accepted faster!

_The group Storytellers of Phuc Hung is also a playground for you who love to write.

_You can read the article about my writing journey here: https://www.facebook.com/lengoc.meomo/posts/770412693775155

“HEY DEAR” is my short series of articles on positive outlooks, which is hoped to inspire women, awaken beautiful values ​​that are sleeping inside you, so that we can be confident and happy with your choices. Is there any topic that you want me to share, comment below!

“Waiting is a useless thing

Let’s wake up and stop dreaming

When our life is this pretty pink

Why you cry and make the dawn sink?”

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