Hey dear, is it difficult to cultivate yourself?


When you were a child, your parents spent money on your schooling, you did not know what you had to study for, so there were many times you made excuses to delay your study, or just tried to study to complete your task of being a good child.

Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree in your hands, you rushed into life, trying to apply what you learned in school into work, life, and many times you were hurt because the reality was so harsh – the theory you were taught is never enough, so the solution is: work hard to get as much experience as possible.

After a few years of gaining a bit of achievement at work, perhaps, you begin to realize your strengths and weaknesses, where your knowledge is flawed, and what will make you happy. I feel “hungry” and want to learn everything in the world.

The whole life is a journey to cultivate oneself without rest. If you’ve been through all of these feelings, congratulations! If you haven’t, then some days you will, when your desires are big enough. Cultivating yourself may sound daunting, but it’s actually not difficult, as long as you know how to listen to your inner urge.

How to learn effectively? Studies show that there are many learning methods and each person will be suitable for acquiring knowledge from one (or more) different methods: direct, or indirect, visual, verbal, or experiencing method. You can choose one (or several) method(s) that suit you. According to the conclusion from an article on Vietcetera, in order to develop ourselves with the development at a dizzying speed of the society, instead of just focusing on deep learning, we need to study broadly – that is, instead of just being good at a certain field, we should also learn more about other fields. As our grandparents used to say, when doing anything, if you put in your mind that you do it to learn from it, you will get something from it. The knowledge and experience you have will help you one day, the skills will complement each other, making the job easier. I’ve also met many people who can talk clearly about their expertise, but besides these expertise stories, the talk with them become extremely bland. Study broadly to become more interesting, why not?

Currently, there are many learning opportunities open to people of all ages. If you want to study deeply in a major, you can attend short and long-term courses. Sometimes, you just want to learn to increase your understanding, to change yourself, or to find new inspiration?

  • Learn about fashion, observe the well-dressed people you know, read fashion magazines (the two major fashion magazines in our country are Beauty & Elle), read books, watch videos from the beauty bloggers of Vietnam and of other countries, or watch movies with the characters who dress up nicely (the movie Followers on Netflix is ​​an example), …
  • Learn more knowledge about the fields you are pursuing, you can watch documentaries, take online classes on Masterclass.com (where they teach everything), “learn from the profession” when you have the opportunity to meet them or to participate in related events to update information, …
  • Learn about the lifestyle, Bloom’s books have many good books about the lifestyle of the people in different countries. If you find something interesting, you can try to apply. Participate in sewing, embroidery, carpentry. , pottery making, painting, and flower arranging workshops… (click the Events button on Facebook to update about upcoming events), …
  • Learn about art: attend exhibitions, get to know someone who works in art so they will analyze for you to slowly feel, go out regularly, travel, because beauty is always around you, regularly in contact with beautifully designed products that can help improve your personal aesthetics, …
  • Learn about current affairs to see what’s going on in the world by reading newspapers, reading information from reputable Facebookers, reading and listening to opinions from multiple sources, and analyzing with your own insights to give opinions, not just listening to only one source that leads to subjective thinking, …

The above are just a few examples. And you see, knowledge is everywhere! It’s ok if you have a short-term memory and might forget shortly, as long as you “load” new knowledge, your brain will “absorb” more or less. We cultivate ourselves not to be better than anyone, or to be anyone, but just to become someone more interesting than the people we were yesterday. Most importantly, don’t just follow on your study, but live with your own heart and allow the joy of learning to flow within you, as naturally as you want to breathe in the fresh air on the top of the mountain the morning after a good night’s sleep under the stars, dear!

“HEY DEAR” is my short series of articles on positive outlooks, which is hoped to inspire women, awaken beautiful values ​​that are sleeping inside you, so that we can be confident and happy with your choices. Is there any topic that you want me to share, comment below!

“Waiting is a useless thing

Let’s wake up and stop dreaming

When our life is this pretty pink

Why you cry and make the dawn sink?”

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