Hey dear, is loving yourself selfish?


You know, there’s something called a love barrier that comes from the people you love most. They stopped you from going your way. They want you to be safe and happy in a socially determined way, but forget that you are the only version of yourself. Sometimes, your personal decisions make them helpless and hurt. Many times, you will wonder whether loving yourself considered selfish?

To love yourself is to know how to CARE FOR YOURSELF, NON-STOP TRAINING to become a better version of yourself. Loving yourself is THOROUGHLY UNDERSTANDING YOUR LONGINGS and when faced with various choices, you will choose to do what makes you feel happiest and most suitable, but not forced to do that. Seeing through yourself is not easy for everyone. There is a type of intelligence called intrapersonal intelligence. What if I don’t have this intelligence? No problem. Try to honestly answer the following question: are you having fun doing this?

She once said: I have to hurry up and learn how to cook to get married.

Oh? Do you like cooking? Are you happy to cook for your husband and for yourself every day? – I asked.

She laughed “oh no!”

Hey! Please immediately give up the thought of having to learn to cook to serve others, even if it is someone you love. If you don’t like cooking, it’s best to find a partner who likes to cook. If you both don’t like to cook, you can at least find a solution together. If there is a time when you really want to cook, the motivation you got should come from the TRUE LONGING TO CARE FOR YOUR LIFE well.

An attractive steak dish carried out from the warm kitchen, placed on a table with candles and fragrant flowers, and a little wine and jazz music brought out the seductive femininity in you in a surprisingly beautiful way, more deserving than any other frivolous gift. In the soft silk dress, you would love all you have, the freedom, independence, sexy appearance, and the deep inner feeling that contains the joys and sorrows that only you know. You are FULL. At that time, you can give away freely. Your choice must come from within your inner happy self.

Regardless of any frame of reference, we will see selfishness in the decisions of each person. Because when you think for yourself or do something for yourself, that is when you think less about others. The bottom line, however, is that you must be RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU CHOOSE, no matter what the outcome may be. If we do what we want but we want others to be responsible for that, then that is clearly selfish.

So dear, being selfish is not a bad thing. Allow yourself to be selfish, for you only have one life. CHOOSE TO DO THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU COMFORTABLE so as not to be irritated; At the same time, instead of going alone, allow your loved one to accompany and share those decisions. Express to be understood, dear!

“HEY DEAR” is my short series of articles on positive outlooks, which is hoped to inspire women, awaken beautiful values ​​that are sleeping inside you, so that we can be confident and happy with your choices.

“Waiting is a useless thing

Let’s wake up and stop dreaming

When our life is this pretty pink

Why you cry and make the dawn sink?”

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