Hey dear, where is happiness?


It is difficult to come up with a common concept or image of happiness, for each person will imagine it uniquely. For example, my happiness at this time is in the shape of the apricot bottle that my husband has brewed. Your happiness can be a leaf, a ray of sunshine, a notebook, the keyboards, a delicious meal… In general, EVERY SMALL THING AROUND US CAN BE A HAPPY SEED.

For me, happiness comes from the attitude of life and the positive outlook on a certain thing. I am a positive person, so every day I step down my bed, I am grateful that I am still present in this life, and after brushing my teeth and washing my face, I can start a long but exciting long list of tasks. Just thinking that way makes me happy.

Even when things don’t happen as expected during the day, I still believe that each of those unpleasant events has a meaning of its own, maybe that challenge will help me grow and be more stable, because of them. We don’t know what will happen to us, so maybe the unlucky, unhappy thing is actually helping us avoid another unfortunate fortune.

For example, when I got my phone snatched away, I still didn’t feel sad because my husband and I never put material on top priority, always thinking that material was something that could be created, when we lose something, we will have something else. When faced with the incident of phone loss, I just thought oh I was so lucky not to crash or have an accident, and my body was still intact. There is a quote by Walter Scott: “Turn your head and smile at the passing dangers.”

If I say so, have I ever felt sad, disappointed or unhappy? Sadness cannot be avoided, of course, because it is a very natural emotion, but there are various ways we can use to overcome sudden negative emotions. ACKNOWLEDGE THE SADNESS, and ease that sadness, do not run away or try to ignore negative emotions, RELEASE YOUR SADNESS by all the ways that make yourself at ease (writing, dancing, going on vacation, being alone so that you can think more carefully about what happened to have a clear and thorough view, …), at the same time, CREATE YOUR OWN FUN instead of waiting for others to bring joy to you, then sadness will gradually fade away.

In conclusion, I believe that as long as we think positively, we will feel HAPPY FROM WITHIN, the mature green tree growing from the seeds that we sow from the little things, not by moaning and expecting someone or something to make you happy. Why are positive thoughts so important to bring you happiness? Because we can only master our own thoughts and actions, we cannot control or predict external factors or others’ thoughts and actions.

Through these short sharing lines, if you suddenly realize that you seem to lack optimism, then you should try to CHANGE your vision when faced with bad things, creating positive energy for yourself by THANKING GOD THAT GOOD THINGS HAVE COME, THINKING ABOUT THE PLEASURES that await every morning, REGULARLY CONTACTING WITH POSITIVE ENERGY so that you can feel positive!

“Waiting is a useless thing

Let’s wake up and stop dreaming

When our life is this pretty pink

Why you cry and make the dawn sink?”

“HEY DEAR” is my short series of articles on positive outlooks, which is hoped to inspire women, awaken beautiful values ​​that are sleeping inside you, so that we can be confident and happy with our choices. When I think of the first topic, I think about Happiness. Because all the things I’ve done so far from choosing a school, choosing a job, who to love, who to marry, how to live … all for the ultimate goal which is to make myself happy. I hope you will also be happy, dear!

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