Honey, I wanna go


nha co hai nguoi 2907

Honey, I wanna go somewhere
Just make a plan
I invite you
This life – a long chaos
All worries with ambitions undone
Holding hands to watch the blue sky,
High mountains, wide sea,
Going around the field…
We are the two dreamers
With little coins,
In the crowded market,
In noisy street,
With this bunch of veggies,
In the trial,
Among this life
Together we laugh, we’re free
In our pocket
Little money
But uhm…
Here is a gift we spare
That is your picture
You leaned
There was no sorrow
Your eyes, your lips
Connected to my heart.
People are just fragile
Do not be for material things
To lose your dreams
Don’t care what people say
Pack your luggage
And go with me!

-Le Ngoc-

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