How to make your hair naturally beautiful?


Those who know me for a long time know that although I love to change my hairstyles, I am always loyal to black hair, I have never dyed my hair, and do not straighten or curl my hair often because, to be honest, I am very lazy to sit in the salon for hours. I always feel most confident when my hair is naturally beautiful. But my hair is naturally curly. As you know, curly hair is often thick and rough, not shiny like smooth hair. In the past, my hair often broke and fell out. It was not so bad, but enough to make me worried. Because in my opinion, strange and beautiful hair cannot compare to healthy hair. Thankfully, there are brands of shampoos with herbal ingredients instead of chemicals. After trying and changing many times, I feel that Lam Moc shampoo is very suitable for my hair, so on the occasion of the new year, I would like to write a few lines for those of you who are wondering about how to make your hair naturally beautiful! ❤️

Chăm sóc tóc đẹp tự nhiên thế nào đây?

Lam Moc Shampoo does not have toxic chemicals, no parabens, and no thickeners, so it is in liquid form, not thick, and it does not create foam like other shampoos. At first, I felt that I was not used to it, I felt like my hair was not clean. But after many times washing, consulting my friends, I knew that: our bodies and brains have been “fooled” for too long by chemical products with outstanding uses, so it is not easy to wait for the result from a natural-based product. It is true that when shampooing with a natural-based shampoo, what we feel is a bit unsatisfied because the advantages of the product are not immediately seen, but we need to be patient. I used to give up after 3 times of shampooing because I didn’t feel satisfied with it, but when I returned to normal shampoo, my hair got weaker and weaker, so I tried it again. The type I use is the shampoo for normal hair, suitable for the hair types that get greasy after 24 – 48 hours of shampoo, with no dandruff or little dandruff. It helps to gently clean, reduce hair loss and prevent dandruff very effectively, helping in the process of filtering ultraviolet rays to avoid damage from the weather and the sun, and anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and making your hair shiny, smooth. It has been half a year since I stopped using chemical shampoos. I’m grateful! The other day, during a dance class, a friend ran up to touch my hair and said, “Ngoc’s hair is so beautiful, is it natural?” ^.^

Yay! My secret is Lam Moc shampoo. Also, I also keep a few small habits when washing hair:

?Do not scrub your scalp with your fingernails while washing your hair.
?Do not use conditioner because conditioner is a spectacular trick. It creates a smooth feeling but is the cause of hair loss.
?Dry your hair gently with a towel, do not rub your hair with your hands to avoid damaging your hair.
?Letting your hair dry naturally is best because the dryer can easily dry out your hair.
?Apply a little grapefruit essential oil to the scalp while the hair is still moist to help the scalp healthy and in particular, the grapefruit fragrance is lovely.
?Use the hair spray with lavender essence that my little sister makes (hihi).

Regarding the Lam Moc brand, the word “lam” (“blue”) is the blue of the sky, the blue of faith in the good things and the understanding; the word “moc” (“rustic”) is a tree, a grass, small, rustic but supple, durable to all circumstances of nature. The name sounds cute, right? Sometimes, we love a brand not just for its products?!

Yesterday, I received a gift box of love from Lam Moc. In the gift box, there is 01 bottle of 250ml locust shampoo with the main natural ingredients from locust, soap-berry, holy basil, mulberry grass, and multiflorous knotweed… helping to clean up the dirt underneath the scalp as well as itchy dandruff with nourishment from root to tip for healthy, smooth hair. There are also eco-friendly bathroom items such as biodegradable bamboo brushes, loofah bath sponges that help exfoliate effectively, canvas bags to carry cosmetics, mini size shampoos to bring to the gym or vacation. I’m so in love! Beautiful but meaningful gift box. It spreads the message of loving yourself and appreciating the people around us, especially treating the living environment well.

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