If it was so…


nha co hai nguoi - le ngoc

I grow up, my sorrows grow up
Singing a song that never ends
Mixed up words in my mind
Morning time, and the door’s still open
You took me to sleep but I failed to
Where did these whispers come from?
The whispers of the young trees?
If just hugging is enough
I will snuggle up to you
My self
Then I will revive
Then I will know sadness, pain, and crying
Like grass, dead and then grow again
Innocent soul through the green days
Never mind of this unstable life
Just live with the foolish days
Just pour out all the delusion
It’s nothing,
Just for a moment!
We will inhale deeply then exhale
And dance a clumsy tango
Beside the empty beer bottles here and there
And sleep until the Sun goes up
Life is nice and clouds are gone
Our hands are wet with dews
Oh the deep note is still here
On the guitar and in the song
You are singing halfway
We will save it up, for another sad day

If it was so,
I wannna hold you!

-Lê Ngọc-

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