Inspirational books about lifestyle


There is a bookshelf in our house which was made by my husband. Every time I sit there to work, read a book, or review documents, I feel blessed.

Reading is a habit that needs to be practiced over a long period, and cannot be formed after one day or two. When I was little, my parents used to buy stories for me so I read a lot and read quite quickly. Growing up, because of the busy work, I quit the habit of reading books for 5-7 years. Every time I wanted to regain the habit of reading, I was very miserable to overcome the wandering thoughts in my head to focus on the pages. But every day, I practice little by little. At first, I only spent about 15 minutes every night before going to bed to read a few pages. After about 2 months, the habit of reading has returned to me. I was so happy about that. Now I can read quickly without having to read it again and again because I don’t remember what the author wrote.

Regarding the types of books, in the past, I only read literature and novels (I was born cheesy hihi). Recently, in addition to my favorite types, I also read books I feel I need to read – usually books about the life of a character who succeeds in their fields and has great influence on the community; specialized books on a topic/ subject that I pay attention to – the topic may be art, business, or marketing; self-help books with short tips focusing on life skills to reinforce the knowledge I have learned myself; inspirational books about lifestyle.

And the common feature of the books I read is their beauty. The books are well-groomed from the covers to the content: impressive book covers, decent presentations, and many books with beautiful paintings/ illustrations. Reading books according to the specific interests of the individual at a certain time will help the knowledge loaded faster and help the readers remember longer. Choosing to read books with high aesthetics is also a way to cultivate a sense of aesthetics.

I think everyone will have a reading style that suits their liking. At the bedside, I always have books with different thicknesses and different topics. In the same period (1 week – 1 month) I can read several books. Each day, depending on the mood of the day, I will choose the book to read first. There are books that I finish 200 pages in a short while. There are books that I can’t read even 50 pages after a long time. It depends on whether the story is interesting; but sometimes the story was too attractive, so I thought about it for a long time, and I wanted to read it really slowly. If I were to read a tragic novel that made my mind tired, I would read it alternately with books of short articles. In general, I like to read like that. And you can read books the way you feel most comfortable!

Inspirational books about lifestyle


Here are some good inspirational books about the lifestyle I want to recommend to you. Besides the title, I copied a few lines introducing the book from the publishers, along with my brief comment!

🍀 Lagom – Knowing enough is being free (Niki Brantmark): Lagom is enough, balanced, equal – is the Swedish philosophy, focusing on finding balance in all aspects of life – from work, rest, family, friends and everything else. After reading this book, I want to move to Sweden right away!!!! Our lives are also quite lagom, although the environment does not allow us to live like them, but let’s do our best.

🍀 At home with Madame Chic (Jennifer L. Scott): Jennifer shares simple but inspiring tips – how to start a calm and non-chaotic morning, how to be elegant and fashionable with just a little bit of time and effort, or create a miracle for a day with small details like music or scented candles, … I learned the very cool tip of fuming the house by boiling the fruit peels with some herbs.

🍀 The secret of scents (Huynh Hai Yen): Ms. Yen is a sister I extremely admirable. Previously I did not pay much attention and did not understand anything about the scents. But reading her book, I realized that “the world of scents does not belong only to inanimate chemical compounds and glass bottles, but it is firstly a world built of memories and emotions.” – It is exactly as the introduction which led me to read this book.

🍀 Coming to art (Rosie Dickins): This book is about visual arts, helping people with limited knowledge or who are not understanding anything about painting to gain basic knowledge about each type of basic painting through each different period. After remembering quite a lot of this knowledge, you will be able to feel and analyze a little bit while going to museums or art exhibitions.

🍀 Japonisme – very Japanese things (Erin Niimi Longhurst): A book full of the spirit of the cherry blossom land, an endless source of inspiration for you to explore the art of finding happiness and fulfillment for Kokoro (heart and mind) and Karada (body). With the book, you can find the ikigai (purpose) – the thing that drives you out of bed every morning. Discover the beauty of wabi-sabi – accept the nature of impermanence and fleetingness and appreciate imperfections. Moreover, you can also find the beauty in disintegration through the art of kintsugi. Every philosophy, every art is a new lens for you to look at everything. 

🍀 T.pot Magazine: Established in 2015 in Vietnam, T.pot magazine is an independent publication about the cuisine and digital style, giving readers new experiences through the topics of food, travel, as well as learning the beauty of design and creative crafts. The magazine is also the place to introduce the works of young artists and to share special stories about them. This is the first Magazine Book in Vietnam I read and then I liked to buy beautiful books more 

🍀 J.O.Y Magazine: Born with the goal of positioning to become a made-in-Vietnam publication that is a pioneer in the field of books – magazines about the inspiration for young people, J.O.Y can be considered as the only Magazine Book in Vietnam at present. The magazine is divided into 8 categories: Human, Home, Pink Living, Style Discovery, Youth Adventure, Language Of The Soul, Art In The Air; It gives you lots of useful information about how to take care of your home, fashion inspiration, how to connect with your inner emotions …

🍀 What I Say When I Talk About Jogging (Haruki Murakami): In this book, Murakami talks about the process he joined jogging and his thoughts on the meaning of running, and more broadly, of the body movements – the obedience to a rigorous physical discipline – with his professional work as a writer. Although this book has a steady rhythm, sometimes I feel a bit bored, but it really gave me the motivation to practice sports; and of course, there are many great things to learn from the lifestyle of a great writer.

🍀 Édith Piaf – Love when you are alive (Jean Dominique Brierre): Édith Piaf is a classic example of growing up in hard times. The message of the book is that when life is unfair to you, the only way to cope is to become extremely powerful! Besides, I also feel interested in the spiritual life of the artists, partly understand more about their inner world that is always motivated by art.

🍀 Bravery Jackie Kennedy (Maud Guillaumin): The content of the book is the famous anecdote about a brave First Lady. She was a highly popular First Lady, a fashion icon, an inspiring role model for countless other women to learn from, etc. But that gruesome assassination had suddenly taken everything away from her: the man she loved, the father of her children, a perfect family, abruptly ended the days of happiness that she struggled to build as well as a lot of wishes for tomorrow. A woman falling into this situation also has the right to be feeble and collapse, but the tenacious woman named Jackie was not!

🍀 Parisian wife (Paula McLain): With the content of the 1920s about the meeting of Hadley Richardson with the writer Ernest Hemingway in Paris, Parisian wife recreated the memorable moment and the love at first sight which quickly turned into a marriage of two people with age difference. Although the story is told through a novel with the subjective emotions of the writer, we can feel the beautiful love, the intricate innermost feelings of the character and step into the romantic setting of ancient Europe as well as the poetic lifestyle of people living in that era.

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