It’s not always unlucky to have a sad ending


Since when did my soul become so sad
When the old melody started
The singer was squeezed by her own voice
The music notes were telling a love story
The goner
Was gonna forget the stayer
Only the saying on the tombstone
And the persistent missing were left
If they didn’t love at first!
Where was the sigh withheld?!
Maybe it’s because I’m sensitive,
Breakup is heartbreaking but it is not always unlucky
If the goner was alive, they were not sure to be happy
Might be slowly killing each other with a fading love? 
They forbore each other, but it was like a bomb
Waiting for being ignited by a mindless saying
The tombstone of love would be forever there
Not only one, but two people would be dead! 
The composer is wise to choose that ending 
So people will forever believe in love

As for me, my heart was hurt
But I still know that loving you is true!”

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