Last night’s dream


nha co hai nguoi - wedding

I wanna be floating in the dream last night
When you held my hand to a faraway port
Telling me “We are going to get married today!”
Then I knew sunset can smile
To make our party sparkling
Just some close friends were there
Smiled big and welcomed me from the gate
Not like the sweet words of the world out there
My friends just give me sincere simple words
Telling me he is so in love
With the person that will go together with him
They prepared everything from the dress, flower, party tables and dishes
And they made those beautiful light bulbs
But every compliments were for me!
“You look beautiful today!”
“But it’s not only for today”
“It might be since the day you are in love?!
I smiled then I thought:
“Everybody was right!”
With you I knew how to take care of myself and my happiness
Not having to try hard or to sacrifice for anyone
You told me I would die if I lost myself to love somebody
Die inside out
So just be happy
With the simple things of the – current – me
In our wedding today, I will not promise of lifetime things
Behind the Sun, I admit that I have been deeply in love with you
Since I first saw you, I knew that I wanted to marry you
This party I owe you for long
Now let’s say yeah so the party can start
For the sunlight to join us dancing and singing!

-Lê Ngọc-

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