Le Petit Roland – the bakery with French taste


Because I am too addicted to Alysse Hallali in Alice in Paris, so we want to create a version of “Nha co hai nguoi” (“House of two”) with the name of “Wandering in Saigon”. Thank Mgift for connecting us and Le Petit Roland so that we can deliver the first episode of this series.

LE PETIT ROLAND is a French bakery at 28/1 Ngo Van Nam, District 1. The chef is also the owner who studied in France before, so all the cakes here have the authentic distinctive French taste. I am very picky with cakes, and to be honest, there are not many bakeries which can pamper my taste, because most of the bakeries always try to adjust the cakes’ tastes to suit the general Viet taste, and not reserve the original French taste. If someone is looking for a real French bakery like me, remember to come to Le Petit Roland!

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