Let’s dream and love

cứ mơ và cứ yêu đi

“How many sunsets we’ve been through
I am not sure!
On Bosphorus bridge watching Marmara,
Near Chao Phraya,
Oh the long pretty white sand field,
Or the highest floor of the building…
If life is a circle of 24 hours
Will you wake up with me
Nearby the wide beach,
Take a deep breathe,
And enjoy the scenery,
Wait for each other at skyline,
Hold a guitar and sing out loud
The Sun is singing these loving sounds
Pouring red on our beautiful love
The waves are waving all its hope
Rolling each other and breaking into tears
I will cry when losing my hope with fear
You will pamper with all of your heart
Anyhow I am just nothing
Pouring my heart for you all the ups and downs. “

#lengoc #cumovacuyeudi #CMVCYD

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