Me, and the sunset on Chao Phraya river


m, và hoàng hôn trên sông Chao Phraya

That afternoon. Like every other day, we were still together, but that time, we were on the bank of Chao Phraya river. That was the 2nd “honeymoon”.

We had heard, read, and watched many documents about Chao Phraya, but hadn’t touched it before. In old maps, this river is often called “Me Nam”, “Menam”, or “Mae Nam” river, in Thai language, it means “river”. “Chao Phray” is also a Thailand feudal title, which can be translated as “general” or “lord”. In English mass media in Thailand, people often call this river “the river” (Source: Wikipedia).

Even though we call it our “honeymoon”, we actually had to work through the days we were in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Our job was to capture the beautiful moments of our journey: the places we went, the people we met, the stories about the daily lives of everyone. It might because we were foodaholics, we passed by so many markets, meeting so many people who loved cooking, visiting many kitchens; finally, we spent time to watch famous sceneries. To do that job, every day, we followed our moods, so we had to wander, with no detailed agenda of where we should go, and we didn’t stay at a certain place for long.

We met Chao Phraya in that way. After a long tiring day, we woke each other up very early to go to the market to shop for some ingredients to bring to Som’s place to cook. We thought we needed to go somewhere large and not crowded..

It took about 30 minutes from Ari station near Som’s house to Samphan Taksin station, not mentioning the time to queue for buying the tickets and wait to transfer station at Siam. Sitting on BTS sky train in the day time, we can easily watch the tall buildings, shopping malls, highways crossing one another – the things everyone can see in developed countries.

When the train reached Samphan Taksin station, we walked down the stairs and went straight following the direction board to Sathorn station; from that, you can catch the next boat (the free shuttle boat from Sathorn to Asiatique station) to go along the river to enjoy the breeze.

To us, the wind is a friend who always knows how to create surprise to other people with various fragrances that it brings along. Like a friend who returns from a faraway land, standing in front of us and says “close your eyes, I have a gift for you”, “now, let’s guess what it is”. I guess it is the smell of sunburnt on the hair of the girl standing next to him, the sweet smell of milk from the baby lying on the stroller, the fishy smell of the river, the hot smell from the skin of Indian guys, the gas smell from the opened Coca can, the familiar fragrance from my lover, etc.

He accidentally caught me being in a daze with a smile on my lips. Look! The sunset was falling on Chao Phraya river! We were still together, like every other day.


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