Mu Cang Chai – “Legendary” beautiful


“Take me with you, we will take each other across the border”! Hihi just kidding! It is just Mu Cang Chai.

Life is full of pretended sadness. And the rest is happiness.

This is us standing on the Mam Xoi hill. When the H’ mong old women just saw us, they rushed to put clothes on us. Each woman only had 1 outfit and 1 basket to rent, 30,000 dongs per person. Only when one person wore the outfit and went out and then gave back to her could she rent it to others. Because of this, each of us hired an outfit to support them. This is the hat of the Bac Ha H’ mong people.

We took a picture with Mrs. Gu at Do Gu Homestay – Mu Cang Chai. The two owners were H’mong people who had been running this homestay for more than 3 years. Both were extremely cute! In particular, she cooked quite well. She instructed us to cook Salted Chicken and Roasted Chicken with Lemongrass and Chilli. Please subscribe to the Youtube channel “The House with Two Lives” to watch the instruction videos!

We traveled and worked very hard, not just going out. I hope that everyone watching this series of journey videos will like it, so we have the motivation to continue.

In each location, apart from going out, we still spent time in the kitchen cooking, learning how to prepare indigenous food and cooking our own dishes using local ingredients. This photo was taken in Do Gu Homestay’s small kitchen of the super cute Mong couple. She taught us to make some good dishes, please wait for the clip!

Mu Cang Chai – the “Nose of the Shoe” in the legend. When we drove on the mountainside, we could not stop being surprised, Sun was just too excited to rush out the terraced fields to run freely. For the second time in my life, I understood what it was like to stand in the middle of a vast mountainous area. The photos from the flycam showed the breathtakingly beautiful panorama!!!!

Sun really wanted to learn how to drive so he paid his full attention to it ^. ^

Oh, those beautiful pumpkins! In the Northwest, people keep growing pumpkins so that pumpkins climb to the roof of the houses. When they want to pick pumpkins, they just climb up to pick pumpkins down. We were going up the roof to pick pumpkins, isn’t it lovely?!

Ethnic people hang a lot of corn in their houses to save up to raise pigs and chickens. So beautiful!

Thuy and I were at the gate of an H’ mong house along the road from Mu Cang Chai to Sapa. The sceneries were so beautiful, so after going for a while, we had to stop a few moments to jump out of the car to take pictures. When we came to Sapa, it was all dark.

Terraced fields were so beautiful that we had to get off the car again. I remember when I was little, I used to imagine this scene when reading books, watching paintings about the Northern countryside. Now I have witnessed it with my own eyes!

Every September and October, during the harvest season, you will come across these beautiful images throughout the Northwestern mountains.

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