My hometown


Nơi đó quê anh

“That river – which I bathed my little soul
The road I followed every day to school
The long sand field we used to play football
The wandering kites on the blue blue sky

When I let go of my dreams
When my heart kept singing its songs

When I grew up in my own sorrow
My 15, 18 – vague but happy

Where the door kept opening for me
To gather and share my mother’s dishes
By a long loving life, by the stories father shared
He taught me the right things to do

Is another spring
When all the trees turn yellow
When I turn reminiscent

My hometown
My never-ending love
Where I want to take you!

We will together make it
My dreamy dreams
From the plain pillow
That my mother took me to sleep
Even though life is tough, and there are ups and downs
Sun still rises in the bright shining eyes!
Trees still grow, leaves are green in the minds
Of the people who knows how to love.”

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