Perfect match


[When entering a room, he likes to open the windows for light and air to enter. As for me, I always feel safe and secure in the darkness of closed rooms.

He can talk to anyone who he comes across on the streets; the topic of each talk will change depending on the situation; his personality is open, which is shown by the way he talks. As for me, I am very good at keeping quiet until someone breaks the ice first.

The bookshelf he made and put in the middle of the living room was packed with my favorite books. He always feels sleepy after reading a few pages of books. He feels more comfortable reading on a tablet or phone.

I can write a 500-word paragraph in a few minutes while he finds it hard to compose a cheesy caption to post with his “lover”’s photo.

He has a sense of humor, always knowing how to make me laugh even when I am crying. On the contrary, I rarely joke with people and often have a dumb face because I do not know whether other people are teasing or telling the truth.

He easily gets angry at things he feels unsatisfied with. On the contrary, I am so easy going that I often forgive others for whatever they do wrong to me.

Whenever he is angry, he doesn’t care even about his most important work. I regulate my emotions to get back to work very quickly.

However, I am the one who gets mad easily if I fail to thread through the needle after 1 second trying. He is extremely patient and meticulous in doing things that require ingenuity.

I love dishes with many spices. He likes to eat really bland food. I’m crazy about cakes. He is sometimes reluctant to eat one or two pieces of cake to join with everyone.

He likes to stay at home, to eat simple dishes, to plant flowers, and to invite friends over to chat. I rarely spend a day without going out. Even just walking a few minutes to buy a loaf of bread, visiting a coffee shop to drink a cup of fruit tea, or watching the street corners can make me happy.

When hearing a piece of music, he could clearly analyze the type of music, the remix style, how the singer handles difficult parts …; but to me, it’s simply whether that piece is good, or whether I like it.

He doesn’t like to go to the cinema because he is afraid of the people nearby talking while watching the movie and making him lose his interest. I like to watch new movies at the cinema because of the big screen, and because the feeling of sitting in the cinema with a popcorn bag in my hand is wonderful.

He has a lovely habit which is texting friends whom he doesn’t meet for a long time to update about them. I only chat mostly with distant friends and close friends; with the remaining people, I just silently follow them, and I will only message them if necessary.…]

perfect match

Ms. K.A, every time meeting the two of us, shook her head and laughed: “You and Mr. Anh are really the two extremes, Ngoc, you two have nothing to do with each other”.

If someone is wondering: Is it possible for two people born with two completely different personalities to become a perfect match, the two of us would be the most honest answer. We: two pieces – one convex, one concave, when matched together are totally a tight fit.

Of course, there are similarities between our perspectives, such as the desire for freedom, love to travel, love to care for living space, love to be drunk with our friends, and like to chat throughout the night…

Above all, we share this love!

Love is like a dancesport that needs coordination between two dance partners to be complete. Although their interests and habits are not related to each other, the importance is they both share the same passion and are willing to take the time to understand their partner to become more and more compatible with each other on the dance floor.

As long as the love is big enough!

? Nguyen Manh Hung

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