Pho Bang, the Han, and the sleeping town


On the way from Dong Van to Meo Vac, we passed a beekeeping place. In Ha Giang they sell a lot of honey from peppermint. Beekeeping is said to be easy and to bring high income, but I’m not sure about that. But at the bee farm, we passed by, there were two men who looked relaxed. The houses of the bees make a pretty background for taking photos.

That the bees coming in and out of their house is so lovely!

One more picture at the bee farm.

The legendary Ma Pi Leng Pass.

View of the ravine from Ma Phi Leng pass.

Mr. SUN is about to be on duty.

At this time in the Northern mountains, there are still many buckwheat flowers.

The photo on the hill of beautiful buckwheat flower!

The most distinctive feature of Ha Giang lies on the roads and in Dong Van town. Ma Pi Leng Pass connects the two towns Dong Van and Meo Vac. However, there were not many places in Meo Vac, so we went and enjoyed the beautiful scenery on the small roads around the high and sluggish mountains.

According to the document, the Dong Van rock plateau (or Dong Van mountain plateau) is a rock plateau spreading over four districts Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac in Ha Giang province. Dong Van rock plateau is one of the special limestone regions, containing typical marks of the development history of the earth’s crust, natural phenomena, unique landscapes in terms of aesthetics, high biodiversity and long-standing cultural traditions of the indigenous community. In 2010, it was officially recognized by UNESCO as a “Global Geopark”. Therefore, wherever you go, you will come across rocky-mountains, rocky paths or stone fences …

Among the towering mountains located the quiet and peaceful villages.

Choose a foothold on the rocks, you will easily observe the beautiful scenery of the rock plateau.

My husband is “on duty”.

This is the way to a black chicken farm in Dong Van. Black chicken is a kind of chicken with many color feather but dark skin, small figure, raised in open spaces so the meat is very firm, sweet; black chicken is one of the local specialties.

The road to the chicken farm is across a wide and green cabbage field. People here have only grown cabbage for a short time in an organic way. I heard that farmers are still finding consumption sources for cabbage. Every cabbage is big and looks so good.

Around the chicken farm is the homes of the people.

The people in the village are gentle and quiet, even when meeting strangers, they still focus on their work.

You see, is this cabbage delicious?!

An old lady was doing one of the steps before putting flax fibers in a loom to make linen for making clothes. Surely you know that ethnic people still weave cloth from linen to make clothes? Because it is very hard to make linen, the price of this fabric is quite high, but there is nothing to complain about its quality.

Adorable baby playing in the village.

Another place you should visit if you have the opportunity to visit Ha Giang is Pho Bang. According to the document, “Previously, Pho Bang used to be an administrative – economic – social center of Dong Van district, Ha Giang. But after the center of Dong Van was moved to “inland” nearly 20km deep, Pho Bang was like a …. sleeping woman in the middle of the mountains “.

When we came here, we heard an old man in the village telling another story that in wartime, all the people emigrated, and there was nothing in the village but empty houses and vacant gardens. Until after the war ended, people returned here to live, so there was a time Pho Bang was called the sleeping town. Pho Bang is located close to the Chinese border, so the majority of the people are Han people, the rest are Vietnamese. The language and culture in the village are still deeply Chinese but mixed with Vietnamese culture. For example, at the wedding here the bride wears a long dress (áo dài) but still does the same bowing tradition as we see in Chinese movies! Even the houses are also affected by Chinese architecture. When we were there, we felt like we were in another country, not our country. Some people in the village were gentle and friendly; Some people were very uncomfortable seeing the appearance of strangers. As for the children, when seeing us, they took us with them and showed us all sorts of games, so fun!

The children here talked in both Chinese and Vietnamese.

We learned from the kids a very cute sentence, “Good handshake, study well tomorrow!” Or “Good handshake, study badly tomorrow!” before parting.

Photo taken in front of a house in Pho Bang which was typical Chinese architecture.

Mr. Sun happily ran around the village!

Because of the beautiful scenery, we always stopped by on the way we went, we could never go straight from point A to point B.

The beautiful wildflowers along the road.

The spiderweb unwittingly created a beautiful picture!

White Bidens bilosa flowers are so beautiful.

In the autumn dewy days, there are often drops of dew like this on trees.

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