Phu Quoc and my close friend – a strange trip


Phu Quoc 15

After 15 years together (in a certain way), she and I had a strange trip.

One day, she texted me, “I am tired. I want to go on vacation.” I texted, “Yes, go home. I’ll go with you.” Because two of us love blue and love the ocean, we decided to go to Phu Quoc. After 3 days of arranging my schedule: flight – checked, room – checked.

At 1 AM, I picked her up at the airport. Still the same gait, the same person, the same face with various brilliant and positive sadnesses, she appeared in front of me.

I often call her my soulmate ‘because we have many things in common, and the best common thing must be we are all slender but we eat quite a lot.

Because we are soulmates, at 2 AM, she opened her luggage to start packing for the Phu Quoc trip departing at noon, I screamed surprisingly for several times. Our outfits which we picked for the trip were so matched, if not similar in the material, then similar in the style.

A cocktail dress with slim strings on the shoulders or backless was our favorite style because we imagined the bar night outs drinking until we forgot everything, except for our secrets.

On the first day, we rode bicycles around. The sun shone beautifully. While taking pictures of my friend, I realized that I had left my charger at home, and my phone battery was critically low. Ok, fine! We would take pictures by phone and with our eyes.

At night, we found a good restaurant through the recommendation of a lovely friend of mine who was working in Phu Quoc. We ate from the first turn of guests left, the second turn of guests left, etc., and we didn’t finish our meal, when we intended to leave, it rained hard so we had to stay.

In the restaurant at that moment, there were 2 tables of guests – a U30 of us and a U40 of two other beautiful European women. I looked at them, winked at my friend, “Look! It’s us in 10 years!”

When it stopped raining, we walked to find a grocery to buy instant noodles so that we could eat at night if we were hungry, some cans of beer, 1 whiskey and some cans of soda water so that we could chill in our room at night. I booked a suite room so there was a living room with a comfortable sofa and a very cute and airy balcony.

We should have returned to our hotel, but she wanted to drink a little more in the chill atmosphere after the rain, we stopped by a (seemingly) bar 10 walks away from the grocery.

The waiter gave us the drink list for breakfast, all fruit juices. The only alcoholic drink was beer. “Alright, it is a restaurant dear!” – I whispered to my friend. She asked if I wanted to look for another bar. I said we came in already, thus we could order 2 beers.

When we finished half of our beers, the Ukraine good looking restaurant owner reached us, put a Son Tinh wine bottle on our table, asking if he could invite us a drink? I shouted happily, “wow, this wine is so good”. The founder of Son Tinh is a foreigner, but Son Tinh wine is produced in Vietnam. However, more foreigners were knowing about Son Tinh wine than Vietnamese. Cool! I really wanted to drink a little. He asked the two staff if they wanted to drink some.

One of the two staff eagerly introduced that “I am a hybrid” in Vietnamese, Northern accent. He pronounced quite well, but his accent was a little “foreign” because his father is Vietnamese and his mother is Russian. He had recently found out his father for 3 years, and he decided to “stay in Vietnam forever because I am so in love with Vietnam”. The other guy was Latvia who was quiet and nice, with artistic over-shoulder length hair. He didn’t speak very good English, but he really attempted to. The talk between 2 girls and 3 guys started…

We almost finished the Son Tinh wine bottle, then 3 guys asked us to go to a bar to continue drinking. Then we went! Entering a bar on the first floor with an open space overlooking the street, we talked with some other people.

An American old man who could talk about his wife for half an hour. A New Zealand man who was not very honest – “a guy who knows nothing” as what he introduced about him. I was not very interested in talking with him, so I turned to break the ice with a Russian girl who was silently drinking and smoking, watching people. Another Russian man who was also close-mouthed sat next to that girl. Clinking our glasses, swaying our bodies, and our feelings were as vague as the smoke.

I drank a little too much, starting to feel dizzy, so I jogged my friend, telling her to get out of the bar. She immediately stood up, “sorry we must go” (she couldn’t remember this part herself). I also said, “my friend is tired, I must take her home”.

The good looking restaurant owner pulled my hand “please stay”. I said sorry and pulled my friend’s hand to go straight to the door. The group stood up to say goodbye to us, and the guys seemed to feel pity. The hybrid guy offered us to stop drinking, going to the balcony where there was no loud music to chat. I insisted on saying goodbye. The “please stay” guy pulled my hand again. I held him once, saying good night. He took the taxi number from his phone to me.

We got on the taxi, running away from the fun like two Cinderellas who were afraid that their vehicle was going to turn back into the pumpkin, and did not forget to leave 6 cups of instant noodles at the bar.

Everything was fated to happen, magically and strangely, at least in our first trip together. The feeling of running away from our euphoric emotions is both challenging, interesting and strang at the same time. In an old article, I said, women like us did not need to learn how to keep our lovers, because it was difficult to keep ourselves from temptations. I think in some more years I won’t ever change my mind!

Who does not have flutters? A brave woman can seduce the whole world but must know where her heart belongs, right?

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