Please hold me closer



Come sleep next to me! It’s late.
Makeup is removed, and so are my clothes
What is left is the fragile woman in me
In need of a hug tonight.

Marrying you, I took all my sorrows, my emptiness, my loneliness, and my worries of the youth
That I once saved within my hair
I cut it all off!
The happiness we shared might be much, might be little
And no one can forecast the future
But your woman with short hair,
Black eyeliner,
Red lips,
High heels,
Who smokes a cigarette with you
Is a woman who is not in doubt
Of the love you have for her

I will tell you a thing everyone knows: Human can die of sadness!
But I, I can die if I don’t get enough love
So please turn off your PC, turn off the light, come next to me and hold me close
This time, the trees might be asleep
So we can be here and hear them whispering
All the tired people have gone back to their places
The youth of the short hair woman will be going endlessly
To love you!

Come and hold me, we will dream a good dream
Then tomorrow, we will wake up each other by a tender kiss.

-Lê Ngọc-

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