Quick dishes for the times guests suddenly come to your house


tiec nuong nha co hai nguoi

I don’t know how about your family, but my house often has unexpected parties because my husband often spontaneously asks his friends to come over for dinner. In the beginning, I was not used to that and I did not have experience in cooking, I was very confused with that. “Oh my god! I don’t know what dishes to treat them, how to prepare in a short time but the table is still full of dishes, today I had too much work and I don’t have time to cook, blah blah blah…”

After several times like that, I have found a way: When a husband says “some friends will come over for dinner tonight”, the fastest way for a wife to prepare a good dinner is to immediately go to the market to buy some seafood and meat, marinate for about 20 – 30 minutes and then display everything on the table, then everyone will grill by themselves (hihi). Don’t worry that the food will cool down when everyone sits for a long time. People can express their high-spirited eating habits by staring at grilled food, fearing that if they grill for too long the food will get burnt, and show their love to others by picking up food for one or another or reminding their friends while chewing food “hey, pick it up, pick it up, it’s done”.

I usually marinate the ingredients like this:
Shrimps: Marinate with melted butter and minced garlic or minced salt and chili.
Octopus or squid: Marinate with satay made very quickly by stirring the garlic, shallots, finely chopped chili and chili powder in hot oil with a little salt and sugar.
Kinds of shellfish: Just need to open the shells and then prepare a cup of onion and oil to sprinkle on top when grilling.
Pork belly: Marinate with garlic, pepper and soy sauce.
Beef: Marinate with oil, fish sauce and Zanthoxylum rhetsa seeds (hạt mắc khén).
Fish: Marinate in cooking oil, onion heads with pepper and fish sauce.
Grilled dishes served with mixed salad hoặc kimchi or some grilled vegetables are the best! You can see more recipes for salad dressing here nhé!

I like to marinate simply to enjoy the sweetness from the fresh ingredients, rather than marinating the ingredients with complex sauces because these ingredients will be good even if you just take them to grill immediately.

The grill we are using (in the photo) is a gas grill, regular fire, gas-saving (it takes less than 1 gas tank for grilling for 2 hours), the food tastes like it was grilled over charcoal. My husband “took” this gas grill from a friend when he went over his house (haha). This is an infrared gas grill of  NaMilux – The high-end gas appliances available at supermarkets and also on Lazada!

Besides, I often make fried rice or a hot-pot for people to eat to make sure that everyone is full.

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