Green tea snow-skin mooncake with green bean and chocolate filling


Green tea snow-skin mooncake with green bean and chocolate filling
10cakes (100 gr each)
Cook Time
10cakes (100 gr each)
Cook Time
  • 100gram green beans (split without skin)
  • 30gram dark chocolate
  • 30gram sugar
  • 25gram coconut oil
  • 5gram cornstarch
  • 20ml water
  • water to soak beans
  • 300gram roasted glutinous flour
  • 125gram white sugar
  • 375gram boiling water
  • 5tsp green tea powder
  • 50gram coconut oil
  • snow-skin cake mold 100 grams
  • flour mixing bowl
  • Pot
  • pan
  1. Put the beans in the pot, pour warm water so that water nearly covers the beans. Soak the beans for about half an hour, then add sugar, stir gently, cook over medium heat. When beans have boiled, skim, reduce heat, and continue cooking until beans are soft. After the beans are cooked, let them cool and then puree them in a blender, or puree them with a spoon.
  2. Put chocolate into a small bowl, heat up in the microwave at the lowest level for about 1 and a half to 2 minutes until the chocolate melts.
  3. Mix cornstarch in water.
  4. Pour the finely ground beans into the pan, add melted chocolate and coconut oil, simmer over medium heat. Once the chocolate and oil are blended into the beans, add the cornstarch mixed with water, continue to simmer until the mixture is soft, but dry and firm enough then turn off the heat. Test it by make a small round piece of this paste and put on a flat surface, if the piece does not melt, it is ok.
  5. Let cool. Use the scale to divide the paste into small and even parts. 25gr each part. Use your hands to multiply into balls, set aside.
  1. Put sugar in mixing bowl, pour boiling water, stir until sugar dissolves, let cool. When the sugar water cools down, add in the green tea powder, mix well, then, add in coconut oil, stir.
  2. Divide the amount of glutinous flour into small parts, slowly pour it into the mixture of sugar water. Pour slowly and mix until a soft dough is created.
  3. Sprinkle a layer of glutinous flour on a flat surface (table or cutting board), knead the dough for 10 to 15 minutes until it is firm but soft. Do not knead too hard to make the dough too hard and hard to shape.
  4. Using a scale, divide the dough into small and even pieces. 75gr each. Use your hands to multiply into balls, set aside.
  1. Use a brush to apply a thin layer of oil around the mold to make it easier to remove after molding.
  2. Press the dough to make it flat, put the filling in the middle, and stick the edge of the dough so that the dough is evenly wrapped around the filling. Make the cake a ball. Put the ball into the mold, shape into a beautiful square cake.
Recipe Notes


  • When cooking green beans, if the water is drained up before the beans are cooked, add more water but only add a moderate amount so that the water quickly drains when simmering.
  • You should prepare the filling first. You can use a towel or food wrap to keep the filling from drying out.
  • If after making cakes, there is still filling left, wrap the filling tightly and put it into the refrigerator. You can keep the filling up for 1-2 days.
  • When you make the crust, rub a coat of flour on your palms, since the dough is easy to stick to your hands.

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