Replace the bed sheet, refresh the living space for the new year


When reading the book “Your house – half of your soul” by author Kate Watson-Smyth, I could not help but agree that: “The bedroom changes its function following each stage of life. As a child, that’s where we learn how to be alone, make friends and put ourselves into sleep…Later, when we reach adolescence, that’s where we study and surf the internet. For many of us, bedrooms are the place to work, rest, relax, and eat. But in the end, the most important use is still a place to sleep”.

Thay bộ bedding, refesh không gian sống cho năm mới

What’s more? According to a study, we spend up to 1/3 of our life sleeping. Yet many of us make the mistake of not really investing in a soft mattress or a high-quality bed sheet set. Meanwhile, sleep helps to regenerate energy. Deep and good sleep will help us to work more effectively. Until recently, after a few times moving houses, renovating houses, upgrading our living space, experiencing more high-end products, we realized this. Better late than never, since last year, we switched to linen bed-sheets.


Thay bộ bedding, refesh không gian sống cho năm mới

According to our own perception, the linen bed sheet brings a simple yet delicate beauty, bringing a sense of smoothness, comfort, and no skin irritation. In addition, linen is an environmentally friendly fabric recently becoming popular in fashion. Linen bed sheet seems to be not very popular because of its high price. However, for those who are concerned about the environment that is extremely painful today, choosing high-class and environmentally friendly products for sustainable use is extremely reasonable.

Despite its good sides, there are various types of linen with different quality levels! I had some painful experiences with linen bed sheet because I thought linen is the same, but actually there is a soft type which is easy to become mushy after several times of washing, and there is a type which is a little rough to touch but it turns out to be good to use. Recently I have been using a set of pure white bed sheet and towels of The 31 that made me fall in loveeee, so I want to give you a recommendation.

Thay bộ bedding, refesh không gian sống cho năm mới

❤️❤️❤️The 31 linen bed sheet with a linen fabric originating from the Netherlands, which has the fit tightness between the fibers, smooth fabric, elegant colors, skillful seams, and the elastic band around the edges which helps to change the sheet easily and conveniently, especially it gives a smooth and comfortable feeling during usage. Whenever I lie down, I want to sleep right away, I don’t want to get off that soft, warm bed sheet in the morning. The lifestyle of my husband and I has been always a slow living style to enjoy every moment of life. Being hugged by a comfortable bed sheet and blanket, I love and appreciate myself even more.

Because I like it so much, I look for the information about this brand new brand through Facebook to see that the concept of The 31 has many similarities with the modern lifestyle that we are aiming for. The concept store has opened at 16 Quoc Huong with an extremely sophisticated and modern yet comfortable and relaxing space.

The new year is a good opportunity to refresh the living space, inspiring yourself and your family. Change the bed sheet, improve your sleep quality, and refresh the living space for the new year!  

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