Sapa – Clouds pouring over the street


After a long walk with many stops due to many beautiful scenes, we finally got to Sapa at 10 pm to wake up the next morning in a beautiful place.

This is the view overlooking Sapa city from Sapa Village Hotel. For the first time in my life, I stood still for almost 20 minutes watching the white clouds slowly pour over the city. And then, the city was full of white, and I was freezing ^.^

Please excuse me not to describe or express any feelings with this picture, because the scenery appearing in front of our eyes was much more beautiful. All the photos are just our attempts to hold back that moment after returning home.

At night, the city was foggy. We could no longer see objects clearly in the distance of about 10 meters. How romantic it was to walk together, right?! Like Dalat, Sapa is also a city of love. Because here, if we don’t love, what else to do?!

Cold weather, of course, is very suitable to eat barbecue. The stalls of grilled skewers in Sapa were always crowded.

In front of our favorite pub: The Hill Station. In Sapa, there was no shortage of beautiful spots to take photos that easily fascinated us.

Thuy. I call her #Thuyfromthesky because not only her name is very strange, but she is also very strange, sometimes very awake, and sometimes very dreamy, as if she was falling from the sky. Maybe that’s why we got along so well.

Inside The Hill Station. This bar belongs to Pasteur Street Brewing so there was definitely good beer. Next is a beautiful space. Morning – noon – afternoon – evening, no matter what time of the day, it’s always chill to sit here drinking warm tea or sipping beer in the cold weather!

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