Savouré – The warm nest of hard working bees


1. We met Mr. Kh. – Chief Executive Officer, also a member of the Board of Directors of Savouré Bakery – via a friend’s introduction at one of Savouré’s branches located at the corner of Tran Nhat Duat – Tran Khanh Du.

The store was built in a modern style with many surrounding glass doors and the green color interior, same with the major color tone on the Savouré logo. A quarter of the shop were shelves of all kinds of cakes from baked cakes to cold cakes, from sweet to salty cakes. The remaining three quarters were arranged as seats for guests to have foods and beverages and chill.

Tucked in light color chemise. Old style Western shoes. He welcomed us with a nice smile. We were having breakfast and talking and discussing about works with fun. He asked about our work, and shared about his work.

He did not know how to bake, nor did the co-founders of Savouré; But they all like to eat cakes and desire to make delicious cakes, so they have searched, learned, studied everywhere. There were days that he ate cakes all day instead of rice, because in order to create a new type of cake with pleasant taste, he buys cakes of all the stores where there is that type of cakes or the similar one, then he eats, analyzes and takes note.

I especially like this point.

Savouré - Chiếc tổ ấm áp của những con ong chăm chỉ

2. Once my friend went to my house, accompanied by a young couple and a 4-5 year old child. The husband is Japanese, and the wife is Vietnamese. The child could communicate in both Vietnamese and Japanese languages ​​but he rarely talked, because he was busy with the dogs and cats in my house and laughed on his own.

They own a small shop specializing in serving Japanese curry in Saigon. Shop has opened for several years but not many people know that because Mr. Sh. does not want to welcome guests who only likes to follow the trend, so they do not advertise the shop widely. People mostly know and come to the shop by words of mouth.

I will tell you the story about the couple owner of that curry shop on another occasion. Here, I only mention one detail that I find related to the story of Savouré. It was about the time before the opening of the curry shop, Mr. Sh and his wife went back to Japan, tried the curry at the shops they were introduced to, followed by a series of days full of curry and curry. “But Mr. Sh. is very persistent!” – Mrs. Y. said, “He cooked curry every day, and we ate and analyzed what needed to be changed.”

3. Mr. Kh. told that the clip we filmed that time would be presenting in the 10th anniversary of the company, like a gratitude and encouragement to his staff who had been with Savouré for a long journey. So the content of the clip just needs to be simple but full of love, like the slogan of Savouré, “Sending all this love”.

We did not start working immediately, partly because another project was not completed yet, and partly because I wanted to spend time thinking carefully about the content of the video. Before meeting him, we envisioned a glittering video starring a few people with beautiful faces as actors, playing the role of Savouré’s staff. Not that because we do not like the staff’s appearance. But we are afraid that the staff’s clumsiness in front of the camera will ruin beautiful movies. After talking to him, we had a different visualization, but really didn’t know how to start our work.

Until we visited the bakery.

4. Ms. Th. – the bakery manager welcomed us from the entrance and took us around. She did not impress us strongly that time. Not because she did not have any thing that can impress me, but because she was a mild, simple, and she did not want to show off herself in front of others.

We changed our shoes, wearing a working hat to ensure the bakery hygiene, following her to visit every area: dough kneading, dough rolling, cake forming, baking, cake decorating, and packing. Cold cakes were made in another place, so there was full of flour, egg, milk, and oven there. My husband was not a cake-lover, but he also felt excited about that.

Everyone there worked hard. I heard a few laughs coming from the next room but when I pushed the door and came in, I didn’t hear them anymore. In the sweet, fragrant space, there were people smiling shyly, keeping their head slightly down, and avoiding the eyes of us – the two strangers.

There were some older people, and the rest were young. Their faces were normal but their facial features were gentle. They spoke plainly Southern accent. There was a man who was born deaf and dumb so when I asked him, he just smiled and continued frying the donuts so that the donuts turned golden brown in a large oil pan and picked them up, putting on each tray stacked in the cart.

I watched them and thought of bees.

5. The video we made for Savouré, finally, was a film recording a part of the working day of hard working bees to make delicious cakes: the smile of the bakery worker at the time of taking the cakes out from the oven; the smile of the bakery girl giving the delicious cake to the guests; the smile of the guests enjoying the cakes made with the love and dedication of each staff at Savouré.

Of course, during the video recording, we intervened in some places, such as moving the cart from left to right, adding more lights into dimly lit corners, or telling the girl to please laugh more; but not trying to turn the dough worker into an actor with a smooth face, helping the baker to shrink his waist to be less fat, or removing the curly hair from the forehead of the bakery girl in the bakery.

Although the 10th anniversary of Savouré Bakery has passed, we still want to send to Savouré good wishes. Wishing that Savouré will always be the warm nest of hardworking bees that we admire.

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