Sightseeing in Dubai by sea


Dubai does not have many beautiful natural sceneries. The only two assets of this country are the desert and the sea. Both bring a sense of outrage for the little people. So the city of Dubai was made as a way for people to prove their intellectual power.

After watching Dubai by road, going across the desert, going to the top of skyscrapers, walking under the scorching heat…, you can enjoy Dubai in a different way, which is to step on the Yellow Boat located on the harbor of Dubai Marina in the Arabian Sea. The boat is small with about 10 seats. From the harbor, the boat runs slowly enough that you do not miss any structure along the banks. When you get to the beach, the boat speeds up, surfing on the waves taking you to see the world’s first 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab and the famous Atlantis hotel that appeared in the movie The X Factor.

We all screamed loudly and happily when the boat hit the water, our whole bodies were like bouncing, the water splashed on our faces and clothes. That was what the tour guide had told us before, telling us to take care of our phones and cameras to keep them from being wet. I have to admit this game was thousands of times more interesting than any game in the water park. The seawater was salty. The cool breeze was so different from the shore. The feeling of excitement spread from head to toe. A Korean guy traveling with our group at first shouted in horror, after a while, he got acquainted with that and showed his interest. If you are prone to motion sickness, you should not try it!

The scenery at the harbor in the afternoon was also very beautiful. The buildings glittering in the sun shone like a dream about the future. Along the banks, many people were sipping their cups of coffee, walking, resting, and riding bikes peacefully.

If you’re not into thrilling games and come to Dubai Marina in the evening, you can dine on specially designed ships. The food served on our ship was mostly Arabic, served in buffet form, not too special but easy to eat. At around 8 am, the ship started to welcome guests, then slowly took the guests along the sea. The scenery on the two sides glid like a slow-motion film where you were the main character, enjoying a very romantic dinner. We sat down at a table with a Vietnamese woman and a couple of Indo people who were quite famous for their super-gorgeous photos on Instagram. The two of them told us about the trips, the dishes, the stories about Islam and the Muslims because they were both religious, and also showed us their perspectives on Dubai. Mr. K. pointed up and said, “Look, it’s like we are in a movie!”. Indeed, the moment I looked up, the ship approached the shore and in front of my eyes was a complex of tall buildings. The feeling was hard to describe. It’s obvious that the scenes I used to watch a lot in Hollywood movies, but when witnessing with my own eyes, I still thought “oh, unbelievable, I’m here!”

Dubai in my eyes, whether on land or the coast were such fabulous!

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