So goodbye


nha co hai nguoi - tho

It’s ok if we are no longer in love
So goodbye, start all over again
Thought I was the ocean
For your ship to wander within
Turned out I was just a normal woman
Loving you, but also loving myself too much
My love is not as strong as the sea
Turning back the time
We – the two strangers
Maybe …
That way was much better!
You won’t hear me cry
I won’t face your silence and feel my painful heart
We will collect the torn pieces of paper and put them together
For ourselves,
The old friend,
The blanket and pillows,
The bowl,
The chopsticks,
The trees in the garden…
Then we will walk our way
Time will give us the pulses
To my hands, to your hands the second time, the third time, and more
As long as we open our hearts
Just as how we first fell in love with each other!
No matter where you are, where I am, the sun is still out there
Telling us that “This too shall pass”
And each of us is wishing the other happy!
-Le Ngoc –

The story of others, not our story, but it still made me sad for so many days. I have also told my husband that if there is someday that we don’t love each other anymore, I still hope that you will be happy.

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