Some notes for a sad memory


For a year we had been together
Suddenly you’re no longer in love
It was as easy as you put down your chopsticks
After every dinner in our new house
You just said so, then you stepped on the gas
The steering wheel took you to somewhere far away
I am sitting here in our room full of your smell, floating in tears
When I first knew how to love, you were
holding my hands days and nights
My heart is not the same anymore
It is scrolling up and down like broken waves
Craving to torn your ship apart
Half for you, and another half for me
Even though scrap woods make small fire
Those woods can warm me up during my windy days…
Oh the time! A falling waterfall
Sweeping into me many crazy distrusts
Oh if love – was just a mere saying to us
I would give up easily and go on!”

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