Suggested 8 days 8 nights Dubai itinerary


Dubai is a tourist paradise but not for everyone. In Dubai, there are not many natural scenes except for the Arabian Sea and the Arabian desert. It is a place where you will be served from top to toe and will make you admire the way they are doing tourism. This country is suitable for those who have good living condition and think that traveling is to enjoy, to spend money freely, and is not suitable for those who like budget traveling and trekking to explore nature or adventure.

Suitable time:

Dubai is hot all year round. The rainy season is very short, from January to March every year with the lowest temperature of about 30 degrees. So actually, whichever season you go, it is… all hot 😀


Applying for a Dubai tourist visa is actually very simple. You can even register for the online visa application here.

The documents you need to prepare include: Color scanned passport with your information (at least 6 months of validity), a card photo, round-trip or transit ticket, proof of financial capacity, etc.


For the first 5 days, we stayed at Zabeel House hotel with nice and comfortable rooms, right in the center, about 1km from the train station so it was convenient to go anywhere; For the last 2 days, we moved to Lapita Hotel located in Dubai Parks and Resorts to flexibly travel back and forth between amusement parks and hotels at anytime.


In Dubai, there were Uber, taxi, bus, and tram. I found that buses and trams were not only cheap but also convenient. If you travel in a group, you can use Uber. When traveling by train, you will see a sign of the train compartment exclusively for women and children, where men are not allowed to enter.


Dubai cuisine is not so special and a little difficult to eat if you are not familiar with eating strange things; Most dishes are initiated from other countries; even raw materials are imported so the dishes are very expensive. A tip for you is to find some food stalls in the market, small alleys, or food court, the foods there are cheap.


1 aed (dirham) is equivalent to 6,300 VND (the daily exchange rate as of October 2nd, 2018)

Wifi/ SIM card :

We rented BookMyWifi’s wifi transmitter. You should pre-order Wifi transmitter here. It does not only save up to 50% but also is very easy to get, convenient and comfortable to use!


According to the schedule below, the total cost includes air tickets, hotel rooms, meals, use of services, etc. The total cost ranges from 50 to 60 million/ person.

Please read some more things to know before coming to Dubai here.


1st night:Fly from Vietnam to Dubai. Wherever we go, we like to move at night so we can spend a whole day breathing the air in a “far away place”.

1st day::

⁃ Back to hotel to check-in, rest, and eat at the hotel.

⁃ In the early afternoon, start visiting the city by taking a bus to go around, stop everywhere you like, such as the fabric market, Souk At Madinat Jumeirah antique market, coffee museum, etc.

  • Bus ticket to visit the city: Quite convenient for you to visit the whole city, with instruction in many languages so you don’t have to worry >> see here.
  • Tickets of the convertible bus to go sight-seeing: please refer here. (This car is very pretty, but you should avoid sitting on the upper floor at noon because it is very hot in Dubai)

2nd day::

⁃ 8:30 am to 2 pm: City Tour. You will get to the typical locations of Dubai city, from ancient to modern cities such as Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque, Jumeirah beach where you can see the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel in a very short distance, the tallest tower in the world Burj Khalifa, Atlantis hotel, Dubai Mall… >> This is a 4-hour city tour I used. Right after buying, you will get the confirmation very quickly, and this is the tour that picks up guests at the hotel.

⁃ After the tour ends, you should go to the hotel to rest because going out in hot weather will make you get tired quickly.

⁃ In the evening, you can go to Dubai Mall to shop, have dinner, visit the aquarium and watch water music performances.

3rd day::

⁃ In the morning, go to City Walk, where there is Green Planet (roughly translated: Green Planet – artificial tropical forest) or play some games at Hub Zero. At Hub Zero, in addition to the usual games such as driving, fake climbing, laser shooting, there was also a virtual reality game we liked: the player would wear armors, wearing 3D glasses, holding handguns, opening the door, stepping into a 3D space where the teammate standing next to me after entering the room also turned into a 3D character, fighting together to kill monsters, shooting freely. When wearing the glasses, I was a bit bewildered. “Oh, which character is my husband?!” Then, I was playing while being afraid of shooting the monsters and losing my husband ((((-:

⁃ At noon, return to the hotel to rest.

⁃ In the afternoon, at around 4 pm with less sunshine, go to Yellow Boat Tour! I have to say that it was an impressive experience when the boat kept going and you would see the wonderful sceneries of Dubai from Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, and Dubai Port: click here for more information.

⁃ It is wonderful to go around the harbor to watch the sunset.

⁃ In the evening, you can dine on the Marina Cruise for a night view of the sea as the train also departs from the harbor; or visit a restaurant along the pier for dinner. This is one of the famous 5-star cruises in Dubai, if you have experience, you should book in advance to get a discount! >> Maria Cruise: see here.

4th day:

⁃ In the morning: rest.

⁃ 11am – 1:30pm: enjoy an epic Arab meal at the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel.

⁃ 2pm – 10pm: start the tour of watching sunset and dinner in the desert – a great experience you should not miss when coming to Dubai.

  • Link of the Desert Safari tour for your reference is here. On this tour, they also pick you up at your hotel so it’s very convenient!
  • OceanAir Travels

5th day:

⁃ In the morning, if you are not tired of coming home late the previous night, you can take the tram to the Gold Souk. The whole big market is full of gold shops. It is interesting just to watch the shops there! Especially in this area, you will meet and interact with many migrant workers, especially Indians and Africans. You will feel like you are entering a completely different world from the magnificent life in the resorts that you see from the moment you enter Dubai.

⁃ In the afternoon, experience skiing at Ski Dubai – one of the most interesting places. You will experience skiing for the first time in a place that looks like there is only desert >> You can book tickets in advance here, there are 2 packages for you to choose from.

6th day & 7th day::

⁃ Move to Dubai Theme Parks and Resorts and spend the whole time here, the schedule as you like. I have to admit that no matter how old you are, theme parks are definitely the place not to be missed – especially Dubai. Because there are not only beautiful scenes but also impressive games: from Motiongate, Legoland to Bollywood Parks.

If you intend to come here, do not forget to book tickets in advance. I found the electronic voucher was quite convenient and the price was cheaper than buying at the gate >> Book tickets here.

8th day::

⁃ Go home! ^ _ ^

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