Suggestions for you: Some good poetry books


I will suggest to you SOME GOOD POETRY BOOKS – below is a small corner of my favorite collection of poetry books:

Poetry of Tagore – Rabindranath Tagore. Translator: Do Khanh Hoan. It is a bilingual poetry collection by an Indian poet – the first Asian author to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913. I call this a floating collection of poems because of the sense of escapism that the poems bring to the readers.

> https://shp.ee/2kquw4g

> https://shp.ee/h4hmesr

On the top of sad love – Du Tu Le. The selection includes the poems written before 1975. What is in the world that has not been resolved will be converted to poetry.

> https://shp.ee/9c8svhh

Khuc Thuy Du – Du Tu Le. The portrait of Du Tu Le is through love poetry, with poems that you may have sung or listened to in some coffee shops and theaters from the 1960s until today.

> https://bit.ly/3wJfZXK

Love & Misadventure – Lang Leav. Translator: Zelda. The bilingual poem collection consists of the poems by Thai-born New Zealand author whose poems hide all emotions behind the classic, indifferent, smooth appearance and can only be smoothly translated into Vietnamese by Zelda.

(I see that this book is out of stock everywhere)

Milk and honey – Rupee Kaur. Translator: Anh Thu. The collection of poetry about love, loss, hurt, abuse, and healing is divided into four chapters of hurt – love – break – heal. A journey of bitterness and sweetness. And what makes me feel interested is that the author can write very naked but incredibly beautiful poetry about sex – “the very thought of you/ has my legs spread apart/ like an easel with a canvas/ begging for art”.

> https://shp.ee/qvcrzfg

The wind and love blowing in my country – Luu Quang Vu. The poetry collection is compiled, arranged in chronological order of composition, diverse in the themes, from national inspiration during the war to the longing in the soul, loneliness, and love.

> https://shp.ee/yrz5fbr

> https://bit.ly/3uzTJ0E

Xuan Quynh Poetry. The thin book of poems includes favorite Xuan Quynh’s poems such as Self-singing, Poetry written for me and the other girls, Raflis trivialis flower, There was a time like that, Begin again, Boat and sea … Although I have read some poems for many times, each time I reread them, each verse instills a different feeling in my heart.

> https://shp.ee/jpazuv9

Me – Lieu Ha Trinh. The book poetry is like a mirror, for ME, in that mirror is ME. The poems are words of affection, comforting young girls’ souls with trapped, contradictory, and longing feelings.

> https://shp.ee/rnhmr75

Someone awakened from a dream – Nguyen Thien Ngan. The book of poetry encapsulates the author’s words at the threshold of 30. Each poem “personalizes” the story of each reader because anyone can find himself in it.

> https://shp.ee/wgijrur

Home food is generally smooth – Nhu Lac. The first poetry book of a little girl who lives hard and persistently writes with all her faith and optimism for all matters in life. That is my favorite author. I feel peaceful whenever I read Lac’s poetry. The book of poems is divided into 4 lovely and simple, gentle parts like the poems themselves: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner – Snacks.

> https://shp.ee/fynbcfg

Why are you so sad – Trinh Nam Tran & Ky Anh Tran. The third book of poetry of a small but energetic author who loves to read and write. Each poem is both disclosed and hidden, clear, public, and symbolic. Tran allows the stories in her poetry to be told in different ways, depending on the readers. I clearly see the maturity in Tran’s words through this book of poems.

> https://shp.ee/mwwx6sg

“Even though there are thunderstorms/ Let’s dream and love, please babe!” – Le Ngoc. That’s right, this is my little book of poems, of course, I love it! Editing poetry is difficult because the date of birth of each poem is different, from different sources of inspiration. Therefore, in this book of poems, I have purposely arranged the flow according to a girl’s story from the youth when she just knew how to love, until she was traumatized, broken, but what’s important is that she still keeps her optimism in love. A short and full story.

> https://shp.ee/u54uzzv

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