Taking care of your appearance in a lazy way



To be honest, I’m very lazy to wear makeup, dislikes going to beauty salons to have my hair washed, dyed, or curled, or for skincare, massage, manicures, nail polish, etc. I find these things very costly – both money and time. Because I think every girl has her own beauty. I love the simple original beauty which no need grooming. What makes me attracted to a certain girl is her charm and charisma rather than the beautiful eyes, nose, or lips.

When we first got married, he kept telling me “women should be beautiful and take care of their beauty. If you keep taking no care about your appearance, when you are 30 years old, you will feel pity about that.” I have never been the most beautiful woman in his eyes. He has never loved me blindly. He wants me to take care of my appearance not for him to see but he always wants the best for me. His love is strange like that!

He said so much that I had to try to listen to his opinion. After a period of getting used to “being more beautiful each day”, I found myself much more beautiful than when I first met him. And I realized two things: Firstly, it’s not that difficult for a girl to be beautiful; Secondly, a girl who consciously makes herself beautiful does not necessarily need to charm anyone, simply that beauty from the inside and the outside will help her to be more confident and self-reliant. Her beauty is the door that opens up many opportunities for her in her work, social relationships and love life.


So, when a lazy person like me learns to take care of my appearance, how do I do it?
– Hair growing badly: cut my hair; mostly to make it neat, then if I like to tie my hair up or wear my hair down, I’ll do so. Sometimes, when I feel like being girly, I can braid. You can refer to the cool hairstyles that are easy to do on Pinterest when there are a lot of those.
– Dental plaque: Scale dental plaque! My favorite place is Duc Loc Dental Clinic owned by Ms. Nhi; The clinic is beautifully designed, fragrant, with light music so that I feel like going to a spa, with cute staff and dedicated doctors who talk as sweetly as honey.
– Dirty skin: diligently exfoliate once a week with NauNau‘s handmade scrub, cleanse my face twice daily with Cat Cat Natural Oil‘s herbal soap; in case the scrub bottle is used up, I will use sugarfree yogurt with a little honey to spread a thin layer on my face, leaving it for 15 – 20 minuets then rinse it well.
– Dry skin: moisturize at night with NauNau’s product.
– Makeup: my makeup stuff only includes eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick (to apply on my lips and as a blusher, if needed); instead of using powder that easily clogs your pores, I don’t use anything, or on the days my skin seems to be dry, I will apply a day moisturizer; if I need to cover my dark circles, I use ultra-thin BB cream (but I find it’s more natural for the eyes to have dark circles, so I often skip this step); for organic makeup products, I often buy them at Leafshop – Natural & Organic Care. When I have to be exposed to the sun, I will apply my sunscreen (This is advised by many people, I know it is reasonable but honestly, I have not created that habit yet).
– Make-up remover: I usually put coconut oil or olive oil on a cotton ball to clean my eyebrows – eyes – lips, then wash my face with herbal soap and then wash again with clean water.
– Nails: I cut my nails short to cook for convenience; I only polish my nails with my nail polish bottle every half year if I feel interested, if I don’t then I won’t paint my nails, they are still as beautiful as always 😀

Just paying attention to these minimums is enough – it doesn’t take too much time but still makes you more beautiful.

For the rest of your time, you should spend to equip yourself with knowledge, life skills, and a big smile, because what makes you different is your spirit – which radiates from within to create your own charm.

There are two great style books you can read: FRENCH-STYLED ELEGANCE and LIVE LIKE THE PARISIANS! The first book is more about fashion: how to combine costumes with accessories, how to take advantage of old items, things you need to keep in mind to not become an awkwardly-dressed lady, and interviews with various experts in the fashion field … The second book is about living rooms. As you know, French women – especially Parisian women, always show a deadly charisma and that charisma lies in their lifestyle and fashion is only a small part – this is exactly what we need.


Although fashion is only a small part, it is very important because what we wear reflects us, making a strong impression on the people we just meet. It’s a pity for a girl with an elegant personality to wear inappropriate clothes.

As for dressing-up, I do not intentionally follow a consistent style of dress but I customize my style according to the situation, nor imitating anyone or wanting to look like anyone. As I just said, fashion reflects yourself, so the concept of “wearing nicely” means that you feel comfortable, confident and you can be yourself when you wear an outfit on your body.

You need to understand your body, find the pros and cons to focus on improving the pros and covering the cons, not looking at the cons and being depressed.

For example, I have bow legs, so I usually wear dresses that are over-knee or maxi skirt, or when wearing short skirts, I have to wear high heels; or when I am full, my belly will be bigger, so when I decide to eat as many things as I want, I will choose loose dresses that do not expose my waist, and will have a highlight in another position other than the waist such as shoulders, neck, back, or chest …

Except for famous brands, here are a few of my favorite stores:

Tẻn: the store has a lot of elegant and feminine vintage dresses and the shop owner always transmits positive energy to the people she meets (in my wardrobe, there are probably mostly Tẻn’s dresses).


Cá Trích Màu Xanh (Blue Herring): the shop has extremely simple dresses designed by the beautiful owner. Those dresses are extremely comfortable for everyday use.


ENIDE: the dresses here are simple, soft, feminine but also strong-personalized.


Shin House: the store sells clothing made from imported Japanese fabric, designed and made in Saigon. The owner used to be an architect who turned to do fashion but she did very well, unfortunately, I haven’t found my pictures wearing Shin’s dresses. I’ll add the photo later ?
CoCo Sin: the Cocosin’s office, outing, and party models are elegantly and luxuriously designed with soft prices (besides clothes, they also sell shoes).

Lovell: the store sells clothing with cool, strong-personalized designs, which are suitable for hanging out, traveling, for both day and night time.


Popbirdy: the store has many beautiful open-back dresses with simple and young design. I am addicted to open-back dresses so I am so in love with Popbirdy.


XÉO XỌ: style very Vietnamese style but mixed with modern style. The designs are playful, free and easy, and suitable for slim people.

Hoàng Hoa: a small shop with simple and elegant coarse cloth dresses.
Soul: this shop is our neighbor. Boho-chic girls who love to be free, please come here. The shop can design and tailor according to the customers’ measurements.nhacohainguoi06

De’ja’ Vu: đdresses at the shop are designed and hand-made by the owner. Many cute, gentle, feminine models, and compared to many other stores, the price is better!nhacohainguoi01

* BRA:
L.I.N Bra: looking at the name, we can know that there are beautiful bras there. My friend, a beauty blogger, posted a thread recommending this shop, so I am very assured about it; The shop is in Hanoi, I only shop online but I feel contented with their products.
THUC: designed bras with nice form and beautiful color, made with fabric, suitable for wearing with a transparent shirt or wearing as a bikini when going to the beach

* JEWELRY: Yrin san  specializes in silver jewelry with specially-designed models which are elegant and fancy.



I learned about second-hand clothes from secondary school thanks to my cousin and then I took my best friend to go and buy 2nd hand clothes many times. Gradually, I got addicted to 2nd hand clothes. The downside of 2nd-hand items is that they are used, thus many things are old, or the ones I like are sometimes not the right size. But the advantage is you don’t see the same item on the street. If you know how to fix, to mix with each other or with high-quality items, your outfit will be very strong-personalized.

Mị Closet, Thôn nữ & Bông Bụp: there are beautiful second-hand leather bags that are hard to resist
SHAMA: I’ve just discovered this shop recently because it is located near my secondary school, second-hand items here are diverse but it’s better if you come to choose rather than looking at the photos.


– Út Nhung: I don’t remember the exact address of this shop; Go on Nguyen Dinh Chieu until Cao Thang then turn right, then turn left into the first alley on the left, go straight through the intersection, you will see a busy second-hand area, but I am used to shop at Út Nhung shop which specializes in shoes and bags

Lạc Corner: a newly opened store of the two younger friends of my husband’s and mine. There are vintage bags and shoes here.
Mirabella, Kaylee Shoes: These are two brands of Vietnamese fashion shoes with nice designs and affordable prices.

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