Tapas & wine – a full dinner for two



Tapas – it’s written the way you pronounce it – [tapas]. In Spanish cuisine, tapas are small portions of food, appetizers or light snacks for lunch – snacktime – dinner, or simply are snacks when drinking. Tapas are varied, and can be hot or cold dishes. Tapas are served as a bridge to make the story on the table more exciting, because when using tapas, people will not focus on eating, but just enjoy the taste and will spend more time chatting with each other.

Saigon. Where to enjoy tapas?

One place I know that serves tapas is Cobalt restaurant on the 30th floor of Pullman Saigon Center Hotel. Please remember, someday in the month, instead of staying at home to clean the house, arrange the stuffs, cook a delicious meal, let’s choose a backless dress, wear proper high heels, wear eyeliner, put on your lipstick, and and be with your beloved in a beautiful place to drink wine, talk and see the city. I believe that every love should be nurtured from both sides, and always need “catalysts”, sometimes just a small movement like the fingers that are buttoning a shirt, sometimes a romantic place with food and good wine.

He prefers to be at rooftops to look down, and from it he can capture beautiful panoramic views of the city at night. Compared to many places we’ve visited, the bow of Cobalt has a perfect view. A friend of mine who came here to welcome New Year’s Eve also recognized this is probably the most beautiful place in Saigon: not too high, not too low, just a perfect place to overlook a vast expanse of city.

Moreover, Cobalt has good food and wine. Some of the tapas I tried: flamed sashimi in truffle ponzu (salmon on fire with truffle mushroom sauce), ceviche style with lychee and popcorn (fresh scallops served with lychee and popcorn), stir-fried mushroom with ginger and garlic, roast vegetables in truffle oil … Other dishes on the menu were also tempting but that day we had some cold cuts & cheese platter so we didn’t dare to order more. Tapas and wine are enough to make a complete dinner.

-Nhà Có Hai Người-

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